VP Rumors Swirl As Biden Secretly Meets With Hated Leftist Governor

We’re just a few months away from the 2020 Election, and Joe Biden’s campaign has yet to pick a running mate. The Democrat has promised an announcement the first week of August, but has already pushed that back. After an awkward and confusing “joke” made to Fox News, rumors swirl as he’s met with this notorious governor.

The Democrats are really screwed. They had over 20 possible candidates to choose from. But they sabotaged their own primary process to ensure Joe Biden was the nominee. Only after that did they realize the catastrophe they’ve made. Joe Biden is unliked among many demographics, especially black voters. He is still battling harassment allegations as well as corruption concerns.

Then there is the fact the man might be suffering from dementia, considering his frequent slurred speech, confusion, sudden anger flare-ups, and offensive gaffes.

The reason he hasn’t chosen a running mate yet might be chalked up to the party’s overwhelming panic. Some might even still be trying to find a way to get Biden out of the race. When asked about his running mate recently, Joe Biden made an odd quip to Fox News.

When asked earlier by Fox News in Delaware whether or not he had picked a VP, Biden said: “Yeh I have.”

When Fox News asked who, Biden quipped “you” in response. It was initially unclear how serious Biden’s initial response, made during a bike ride in a state park, was. [Source: Fox News]

That’s the best we can get from Biden, these days. Even when the man is “coherent,” he still makes no sense. His shows hostility and animosity on a regular basis. He rarely even seems to know what he’s talking about. A “quip” like this was out of place and inappropriate, even on a bike ride.

But it gets worse.

News swirled that Joe Biden was meeting with a supposed former VP consideration. A woman so hated by her state, she might be driven out of town tarred and feathered.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer traveled to Delaware last weekend to meet with Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s first known in-person session with a potential running mate as he nears a decision.

Whitmer visited Biden Sunday, according to two high-ranking Michigan Democrats who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly. The first-term governor of the battleground state has long been on his short list of possible running mates. [Source: Fox News]

Gretchen Whitmer just might be the worst governor in the United States. And that’s saying something! She has zero leadership skills and appears vindictive and hateful toward her own people. When Michigan residents marched to get back their jobs (after a senseless lockdown), the governor extended her un-Constitutional lockdown rules out of spite.

Her idiotic restrictions were worse than California or New York, despite the fact that her state wasn’t hit nearly as hard as theirs. She’s continued to defy the will of her people and her legislative body. Lawmakers of Michigan even sued the woman over her lockdown rules.

Why on earth would Joe Biden’s campaign consider her for a running mate? We know that Joe’s not the one making the decisions; he doesn’t even know what day it is! No, his seemingly incompetent campaign is pulling the strings. Someone in his team thinks a nasty, cruel, Wicked Witch of the West-type governor can seal Biden’s campaign victory.

All I can say is, I hope it is Gretchen. Donald Trump will eat her for lunch.

It’s no secret Democrats are hoping their VP pick can save Biden’s campaign. Make the focus on the running mate, rather than on the man running for president. But it’s much too late for that. The longer they delay, the worse it gets for them.

Americans don’t vote for the VP—they vote for the presidential candidate. Biden could get Barack himself and he’d still fail.

His terrible leadership, cowardice, lack of vision, and mental decline is more than enough to ensure another 4 years of Trump.

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