Seattle Officially Votes To Defund Police — Chief Immediately Resigns

Chaos and violence rage across blue cities nationwide. Their local leaders’ solution? To defund the very group dedicated to restoring law and order. Seattle has been one of the worst-hit cities during the unrest. Citizens are demanding action from their leaders. Instead, the city council just voted to slash the police budget and lay off cops. So, the police chief made a drastic move.

Seattle has been one of the epicenters for this BLM/Antifa-led chaos. These anarchistic groups—funded by Democrats—have been wreaking havoc in major cities across America. These radical activists have been operating for years, spreading violence and destruction. The Democrats who run these cities had plenty of opportunities to arrest and dismantle these criminal groups. But they did nothing.

Over the last few months, these groups have spread untold violence in predominately liberal cities. They’ve targeted areas with high black populations, only further adding to their suffering. But they have also moved into areas where rich white liberals live. They’ve burned down homes, churches, and courthouses. They’ve pulled down statues and attacked innocent bystanders.

Democrats, in response, have ignored the violence and promised to defund police. Many citizens in Seattle have expressed outrage over a plan to defund their police department. The liberals running the city did it anyway.

The Democrat-controlled Seattle City Council voted late on Monday to advance a highly controversial plan to defund the Seattle Police Department as violent crime and far-left riots have rocked the city in recent months.

The Seattle City Council voted to remove approximately $3 million from the Seattle Police Department’s budget…

Fox News reported at the start of the month that Seattle was one of several Democrat-controlled cities that had seen a recent spike in “shootings and murders.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The cuts will have a drastic impact on the police department’s ability to protect the city. They are losing many patrol officers, mounted units, school resource officers, homeland security, and SWAT teams. About a hundred officers will be laid off or fired. They will have less money for training and equipment. All of this will result in a surge in crime.

The drastic move already has residents shocked and angered. But it gets worse. After the city council voted to gut the PD, their chief announced her immediate resignation.

Carmen Best, the Seattle police chief, emailed her resignation notice to police officers in the department late Monday hours after the City Council made good on its promise to approve sweeping proposals that would cut about 100 officers and slash the department’s budget…

Durkan and Best have urged the council to slow down its discussions about police budgets, saying the issue could be taken up in earnest when the 2021 city budget is considered.

They also said any layoffs would disproportionately target newer officers, often hired from minority communities, and would inevitably lead to lawsuits. [Source: Fox News]

Seattle police have been prevented from doing their job for a long time. When anarchists set up “CHAZ/CHOP” police were ordered to flee their precinct and let the rioters run wild. For weeks the world watched as out-of-work losers overran a portion of the city. Reports of assault, rape, and robbery were reported in the area. The police were not allowed to intervene.

Only when the mayor’s home was threatened did she bother to act.

Today, residents complain that when they call the police, they never come. Violence and danger are on the rise throughout the city. When these budget cuts take effect, it will only get worse. Seattle residents will see homelessness, shootings, muggings, and worse steadily climb. And they will have no way to stop it.

There’s one sure-fire way to turn this all around though: get rid of the left-wing leaders! Vote for leaders that actually care about law and order. Leaders who will increase the police budget, improve training, and hire more cops.

But will Seattle residents figure that out?

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