After Biden Finally Picks Running Mate, The Truth Comes Out

After dragging out the process as long as he could, Joe Biden (or his campaign) finally announced that California Sen. Kamala Harris would be his running mate. After months of speculation and rumor, this is the person the party picked to be their VP. Reactions quickly came in from all over the Internet. And it was brutal.

Let’s make one thing clear: the Democrats have no vision or plan for this election. They picked a man that is suffering mental decline. Their current platform includes encouraging riots and defunding police. And they just picked a woman who has a long record of hurting minorities when she was an attorney general.

Kamala Harris did horribly in the primaries, finishing with 7% of support–in her own state. But the party picked her (not Joe, he can’t even tie his shoes), because they were hoping identity politics would save them. Normally, a running mate is meant to pull in voters the candidate can’t appeal to. But this is how far they’ve fallen: they picked a CALIFORNIA DEMOCRAT to win over Middle America.

Yet, despite all that, they really think they are going to beat Trump!

Reactions to last night’s announcement came in thick and fierce. After dragging out this process as long as they could, the Democrats picked a tyrant of a woman, unlikeable and shrewish. And critics were merciless.

President Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity in an exclusive interview Tuesday that presumptive vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris is “the most liberal person, supposedly, in the Senate,” adding “I’m not sure that’s what the country wants — if it is, we’ve got problems.” [Source: Fox News]

Trump went on to say Harris wants to raise taxes, make military cuts, stop fracking, and undermine the Second Amendment. Harris has gone on record as wanting to get rid of AR-15’s which she wrongly called “assault weapons.”

A bad choice for VP. After all the hype, some are saying the pick is underwhelming:

Sen. Kamala Harris checks off two big boxes for 2020 Dems — gender and race. But the moment, if not the actual choice, feels underwhelming because of the amateurish way Joe Biden and his team let the process spin out of control. [Source: Fox News]

While the left gushed over the announcement, others pointed out they are celebrating for no reason. Happy a woman was picked? But you guys say there is no such thing as gender anymore!

There are other funny and hypocritical things about the pick, too, of course, such as the fact that Harris will now be working under the man she tearfully denounced as racist not even a year ago. [Source: Daily Wire]

Hey, when have convictions ever mattered to the Democrats?

Users online found other brilliant ways to criticize the choice:

Its clear Biden’s campaign picked Harris in the hopes of winning back the black vote. Polls suggest that a historic number of black Americans are behind Donald Trump. Add to that Biden’s long history of racist policies and recent horrible insults.

Hell, Democrats staged endless riots to compel black people to vote for them. Now, they think Harris is their ticket to securing November.

Except, Harris is hardly a “voice” for minorities of America. She sent countless black men to jail in California over minor offenses. She is just like the rest of the liberal D.C. elite, who say one thing but do another.

(Then there are all those rumors about how she made it to the top. Let’s just say, it wasn’t democratic.)

With Joe Biden’s brains spilling out of his head, Democrats needed a running mate that could do more than just support the candidate. They needed a star, a figure that could inspire and pull in as many moderate and independent voters as possible.

Instead, they picked a divisive senator with a history that will upset and alienate voters. Wow.

All I can say is, Mike Pence is going to make mince-meat out of this leftist.

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