Liberal Reporter Slams Harris With Brutal Remark — His Tweets Go Viral

Look, the liberal media is going to manufacture Kamala Harris as some great pick, but the readings from the Democratic base is quite different. This is a woman who was known for being tough on crime, especially when it comes to marijuana. That’s fine for normal voters, but remember Democrats are going through a defund the police/pro-rioting phase. This won’t play well to the most vocal and active parts of the Democratic base, who happen to be far-left in their politics. Some are also rehashing the fact that Harris was not some superstar campaigner, but actually a major train wreck. She bolted before her state’s own primary. While he’s known for getting his fellow left-wing colleagues blood pressures to rise with his independent commentary, liberal reporter Michael Tracey had multiple Twitter posts noting how bad of a pick this was for the Biden team. He did not hold back calling Harris “a nightmarishly bad pick.”

As mentioned, due to the Left’s anti-law and order stance, Harris is somewhat returned to her place in the primaries—at the crossroads. Where does she go? As Tracey noted, she has no constituency given her record here.

“Kamala’s past as a hardline prosecutor doesn’t endear her to left-wing voters, and her more recent embrace of an Extremely Online activist rhetorical style doesn’t endear her to “Law and Order” voters. So, she’s in a weird political ‘no man’s land.’”

Yet, also be aware that everyone has their biases. That’s not a bad thing, but Tracey is a voice for the more progressive, anti-establishment wing of the party. He made that clear saying, “After all was said and done the Democratic Party donor and professional class got pretty much exactly what it wanted.”

So, the Democratic Party, the party of change, diversity, and one that has an authoritarian ethos to facilitate those former points has decided to pick…an old white guy and a cop to be their 2020 ticket. This is literally the “back in chains” ticket of this cycle.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: Liberal Reporter on Kamala Harris VP Selection: ‘A Nightmarishly Bad Pick in Every Way’

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