Biden Demands National Mask Rule–Trump Hits Back Hard

Throughout the pandemic, Democrats including Joe Biden have tried to slam Trump’s leadership. They try to spread the narrative that he “didn’t do enough” to contain the virus, despite the fact he was the only leader who was doing anything in January. Biden himself has offered little in way of leadership. His latest idea is to force a national mask mandate on the entire country. Trump fired back.

By now it should be clear that panic and fear over COVID-19 were completely unwarranted. While we know the disease was deadly and required certain measures, drastic lockdowns, supply hoarding, and other extreme reactions did nothing to help. In fact, many think the radical decisions made by many state and local leaders did far more harm than good (just look at the overdose deaths and suicide numbers).

Many cities and states are requiring Americans to wear face masks when outdoors. The jury is still out on whether masks do anything to protect a person (health experts around the world as well as in WHO say they do nothing). But it’s still possible that they can be useful, when you’re in close proximity to someone.

Joe Biden’s bright idea? Force all Americans to wear masks when they’re outside. Yep, the one time wearing a mask is not necessary, he wants it. He not only wants it, but he wants to push a national mandate—as if he had the power to do that. President Trump fired back at the Democrat, saying he’s playing politics with the virus.

President Trump accused presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden of attempting “to politicize a pandemic” following his call Thursday for a nationwide mask mandate to slow the spread of coronavirus…

Trump argued that Biden’s approach was “regressive, unscientific and bad for our country.” He accused the former vice president of opposing Trump administration policies that proved effective, such as travel bans, even as he pushes for a mask mandate that fails to take into account how the pandemic was impacting specific communities. [Source: Fox News]

From the very start of the pandemic, Joe Biden’s offered nothing. He’s hidden in his basement, only appearing to take potshots at Trump. Where is his clear leadership, inspiration, and guidance? The man wants to lead the country, right? Then why has all his “advice” been either wrong or copying from the Trump administration?

Trump accused Biden of being wrong about the virus, ignoring the science, and putting his left-wing politics before facts. Joe Biden can only attack people actually doing something about the problem. He has clearly used the COVID panic to protect his flailing campaign. Many Democrats want him to stay in the basement, out of fear he’d say or do something disturbing (that’s far too late).

Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway also slammed Biden’s pathetic idea.

“For somebody who’s been in Washington for the last 47 years and in this building [the White House] as vice president for eight, the best he can come up with is a national mask mandate?” Conway asked rhetorically. [Source: Fox News]

Many theories and ideas have been thrown around about how we can combat the virus. But it looks like the only effective measure has been letting it run its course, while protecting the most vulnerable. Quarantine-style measures, like lockdowns and face masks, appear to only make matters worse.

But we shouldn’t be surprised that a face mask mandate is the best thing Biden and his campaign can come up with. The man has no leadership vision. Worse than that, he might be suffering serious mental decline. He demands that we fire Trump and put him in the White House. Yet he can’t come up with real plans to help the country.

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