Disastrous DNC Event Mocked By Fellow Liberals And President Trump

In their bid to retake the White House from Donald Trump, the Democrats held their first night of speeches at the national convention. The party brought out some of their “big guns” to convince Americans they should be put back into power, after they’ve obstructed and delayed progress for years. But what they hoped would be a triumphant night turned into a disaster after users—and Trump—mocked it mercilessly.

You probably didn’t watch any of last night’s convention. I don’t blame you. Party conventions are supposed to be exciting events that fire up their base and get them ready for the election. But thanks to the Democrats’ total lack of vision and leadership—and endless fearmonger over COVID—they had little enthusiasm to share.

The event was more like a hodgepodge of pre-recorded clips and messages, with little by way of policy and ideas. Those that watched it, even liberals, were underwhelmed. Some critics even expressed anger and frustration at the night’s events.

The Democratic National Convention was brutally mocked online on Monday night during the event’s opening night as many commentators panned it as boring, cringeworthy, and obscene…

Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin tweeted: “The cheesy videos that used to be the space fillers in the convention have become the convention.”

New York Times reporter Astead Herndon wrote: “not a policy in sight just vibes.”

The Blaze Managing Editor Leon Wolf wrote: “This is one of the worst things that’s ever been on television.”

Free Beacon Executive Editor Brent Scher commented on one of the guests who came on and pretty much pinned her father dying from COVID-19 on President Donald Trump.

“Holy s**t this woman roasting her dead dad going to a karaoke bar,” Scher wrote. “These people…” [Source: Daily Wire]

It seems few people were impressed with the spectacle. Both conservative and leftist commentators noticed the lack of direction and policy explanation. Few were won over by the convention’s constant blaming of Trump for all of America’s problems.

The Trump campaign did not hesitate to slam the night’s events. Trump campaign national press secretary Hogan Gidley called it a “Hollywood-produced infomercial” that proves the “radical socialist” left has taken over Joe Biden.

“Perhaps it was just an oversight, but the first night of the Democrat convention left out the fact that Joe Biden would raise taxes on more than 80 percent of Americans by at least $4 trillion…

“Also missing was his open borders policy, with amnesty and work permits for 11 million illegal aliens. There was no mention of Joe Biden’s desire to cut police funding, kill ten million energy jobs with a green new deal, or give free healthcare to illegal aliens, but in fairness, it was only the first night,” Gidley said. [Source: Fox News]

No doubt, the media will call it a triumphant night. Once again, they will ignore the reality going on across America. They will refuse to acknowledge all the panning of the convention’s first night. But if this is what commentators are saying, imagine what regular Americans are thinking?

Democrats need to convince voters to oust Donald Trump and put them back in charge. But they need to get Americans to overlook the terrible decisions Democrats have made over recent years. Democrats impeached Donald Trump over a phone call. While they were distracted by that, they ignored the threat of COVID-19.

They attacked Trump in January when he closed the border to China. Democrats continued to ignore COVID until it was too late. Only in March did they begin to acknowledge it was a problem. Then, they went overboard, abusing their powers by closing down schools, churches, businesses, and forcing Americans into their homes.

It only got worse after that, as Democrats praised rioters and promised to defund police. If the Democrats wanted to win back Americans, last night was their chance.

And they failed.

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