Democrats Irate After Trump Calls Out Private DNC Policy On Twitter

The Democrats wrapped up their dreary, gloom-filled convention with Joe Biden’s underwhelming acceptance speech. The event suffered the lowest ratings to date, with many critics blasting it online. President Trump gave his summed-up words about the convention, pointing out a glaring policy that exposed the Democrats’ hypocrisy.

The Democratic National Convention ended with Joe Biden’s acceptance speech. While stooges in the media gushed over it (even some on the right), it was clear that the pre-recorded message was one of the worst things Biden has ever produced. He ended the Democrats’ week of pathetic, miserable finger-pointing with a gloom-filled projection of America’s future.

Little was said during the DNC that offered hope for America. Democrats squandered their value opportunity by blaming all of America’s problems on Donald Trump. They refused to take responsibility for the lockdowns of blue states and they entirely ignored the violence that has deprived millions of their peace and safety.

They were even too cowardly to address their increasingly radical stance against police departments. Nor did they provide solutions to the problems facing our country (including recovering the economy, dealing with China, ending spikes in crime, etc.). Instead, they put on a fantasy show for their shrinking base. It seems the only people excited to elect Joe Biden are the super-rich elite, who won’t be affected by his terrible toxic policies.

But Donald Trump was on hand to wrap up the convention. He used the opportunity to point out a glaring hypocrisy over the Democrats’ stance on one important issue.

To get into the Democrat National Convention, you must have an ID card with a picture…Yet the Democrats refuse to do this when it come to your very important VOTE! Gee, I wonder WHY??? [Source: Twitter]

I’m sure the Democrats didn’t want their week-long convention summed up like this. But Trump made a good point. Democrats would not be allowed to enter the convention hall or attend any of the week’s events without proper ID. After all, that would be a massive security risk. Only those allowed to attend—and could prove their identity—would be able to enter.

Democrats would say, “Of course, why wouldn’t we?” Yet these same people have consistently rejected voter ID laws in many of the states they run. It seems something as important as voting in an election doesn’t require something as basic as an ID. How can that be?

The left has consistently claimed that requiring an ID to vote is racist. Really? Was it racist to require an ID to attend their convention? Is it racist to require an ID to open a bank account, rent a car, or get a job? It seems Democrats have a very lopsided view of racism, when it comes to something as simple as requiring an ID.

But it seems Trump is suggesting the reason why. No voter ID laws mean anyone can show up and vote, even if they are not the person, they say they are. How could the polling volunteers even know? Perhaps people can even register and vote—who aren’t even American citizens.

This sounds like a no-brainer: require an ID to vote. But in many states, that is not a requirement. President Trump is pointing out this obvious problem. Yet still, Democrats ignore it.

Perhaps when the shoe is on the other foot, Democrats will see the error of their ways. When they realize that voter ID laws protect them as well. But, as usual, they might not be able to learn until it’s too late.

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