Trump Destroys The Liberal Narrative With 2 Words

President Donald Trump spoke with Sean Hannity by phone tonight during the Democratic National Convention, and said he plans to watch Biden accept the Democrat nomination. He also previewed the RNC next week a bit.

“I’ll watch, I’ll watch,” said the president. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch all of it, but I’ll be watching.”

“I watched a lot of hate last night and the night before,” said Trump.

“So far I’ve seen a lot of that, too,” Hannity said.

“I watched tremendous hate,” said Trump.

He also criticized Michelle Obama in particular. “she had a lot of hate, she had a lot of, a lot of anger.”

On the RNC, Trump said there will be more of it live than the Democrats have, rather than pre-taped stuff like Michelle Obama did.

Author: Fred T

Source: The Right Scoop: WATCH: TRUMP tells Hannity he’s seen ‘Tremendous HATE’ at #DNC2020, Michelle Obama had ‘a lot of hate… a lot of ANGER’

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