Democrats Panic After Biden Manager Slips, Reveals Startling COVID Information

Democrats and their media have pulled out all the stops to make it appear that COVID-19 is the end of the world. They pushed lockdowns, mask mandates, and drastic social distancing rules. They claimed Trump “doomed” Americans because of his actions. Its clear Democrats are overemphasizing this virus, so it becomes a major issue for the election. That must mean they think it’s a real threat to our country, huh? Then why hasn’t Joe Biden been tested once?

Way back in March, the media hyped up COVID, spreading fear and hysteria across the country. Panicked Americans cleared out grocery shelves, fighting their neighbors so they could hoard toilet paper. Dishonest social media users spread rumors and half-truths, to make it seem like we’d all die if we didn’t hide in our homes from the virus.

Even to this day, many cowards refuse to leave their houses over a virus with at least a 99.7% recovery rate.

We know why Democrats made a big deal about it. Fear over the virus tanked the economy (at least temporarily). The lockdowns put 50 million out of work. Trump’s winning economy was gone; he could no longer use it as a chip for re-election. It all came down to politics, especially for Joe Biden—who has zero charisma and keeps insulting black people.

But if Biden really believes this virus is so bad that he’d lock down the country and issue a nationwide mask mandate (if elected), then he must really be worried. Especially because, you know, he’s old. It turns out, though, he must not really be worried, because the buffoon hasn’t even been tested!

Joe Biden (D) has yet to be tested for the Chinese coronavirus, even after briefly appearing alongside his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) at last week’s Democratic National Convention, according to his deputy campaign manager.

Speaking to ABC News on Sunday, Biden’s deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield said the former vice president has not contracted the virus, although she added that he has not been tested for it either…

“He has not been tested, however, we have put the strictest protocols in place,” she explained. [Source: Breitbart]

Wow. Biden’s pathetic deputy manager kept going on and on about “strict protocols” to keep the candidate safe. But she admits he hasn’t even been tested for the virus!

Maybe you don’t need all those “protocols” if you’d bother to see if he has the virus or not? Seems kind of silly to spend so much time “protecting” this guy, if you don’t bother to check if he’s sick.

We’ve been hit over the head with the fact that this virus can spread even without symptoms. Biden might have it right now and not know it, spreading it to his family and colleagues.

Shouldn’t he be tested at least once?

But let’s be honest: they aren’t testing him for a reason. Either they know the virus is powerless, so what’s the point. Or they fear what a test might reveal.

If he’s healthy, great! But if he has COVID, these pathetic campaign staffers fear what might happen come November.

Will voters want to vote for a man sick with the ‘Rona? Even if he recovers, it won’t look good. They are already battling the fact that the man has severe mental decline. Does he really need to overcome COVID too?

Trump has been tested at least once. But we don’t need to fear him being sick, because he took HCQ as a preventative medication. Biden could do that too, but he’d also have to admit he and the media have been lying about this drug all along!

I think we should demand Biden gets tested for two things: his mental capacity and COVID.

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