Democrats Panic After Online Streaming Of RNC Crushes Their DNC Stats

The first day of the Republican National Convention saw Trump give a surprise speech to accept his nomination. Big conservative hitters gave rousing speeches, celebrating America and rallying patriots. It was in sharp contrast to the Democrats’ entire convention, where they spread gloom and misery as they attacked Trump. Now, the streaming views for just C-SPAN users are in. Democrats should be upset.

You can except anything with Trump’s name on it to be big and memorable. Before the unscrupulous lockdowns, Trump’s rallies were a thing of legend. He brought out thousands who waited in line for days, with hundreds or more outside in overflow areas. That was because Americans of all stripes wanted to be a part of the America First movement.

With ongoing fears lingering, the Republican National Convention had to alter its original plans. But many of its speakers still gathered in North Carolina to give their speeches live. It made a much more powerful impression than the static, pre-recorded speeches given at the DNC.

Trump supporters like his son Donald Jr., Sen. Tim Scott, and NFL great Herschel Walker gave memorable speeches about America and the president. The theme of the night was about celebrating Trump’s achievements and looking forward to the future.

On the same day, Trump made a surprise visit to NC to accept his official nomination. He gave an hour-long speech, laying out his second-term agenda. He promised a return to normal next year, with a booming economy, and more manufacturing jobs returning to the country. Everything about the first night of the RNC was radically more optimistic and energizing than the DNC’s weak, polished charade.

And it seems far more Americans tuned in too.

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) struggled badly with ratings last week, performing poorly via online streaming and dropping 25% in broadcast viewership on the first night, and hitting a massive 48% decline by the second night of the convention…

On Monday, the first night of the convention, C-SPAN livestream viewership was six times higher than the first night of the Democrat’s convention.

According to The Hill, C-SPAN’s livestream of the RNC garnered nearly 440,000 views. The first night of the DNC, by comparison, gathered a mere 76,000 views. [Source: Daily Wire]

Other ratings numbers have yet to come in, but just on the streaming numbers for C-SPAN alone should make the Democrats nervous.

The RNC’s first night was broadcast live on many networks. It was also streaming on various online platforms. It’s safe to say that C-SPAN wasn’t even the top streaming for the event, yet it saw six times a greater audience for the Republicans’ first night than the Democrats’.

That should really tell you something, huh?

President Trump’s 2016 supporters haven’t gone anywhere. And there is growing evidence that longtime Democrats and independent voters are swinging to his side. The devastation brought on by Democrats in cities and states is turning many Americans against the left.

The DNC was a prime opportunity for the party to win them back—and perhaps clinch more new voters. Instead, they lecture America and blamed everything on Trump. Yet Trump is the very man promising prosperity, an end to the pandemic, and law and order restored to our city streets.

Democrats don’t even acknowledge the rioting! Why would they expect more Americans would flock to their side?

It shouldn’t be a surprise to find out that more Americans were tuning in to see the RNC. This is now the party of Trump—and he never disappoints. His supporters are well-known and well-liked. And they all gave raving speeches that inspired many.

Perhaps the Democrats should just throw in the towel now?

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