Tim Scott’s RNC Speech Triggers An Avalanche Of Racist Comments — From The Left

Last night, on the first night of the RNC Convention, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (R) gave an impassioned speech about his love for the country and his family’s rise from poverty over his trail from “cotton to Congress.” People across GOP circles widely praised the speech as among the best they have ever heard and the most concise explanation of GOP principles given in a very long time.

On the left, however, Scott’s blockbusting speech was viewed in a much different way; One that would continue to earn the support from renowned white supremacist, Richard Spencer. A quick search on Twitter returned tweet after tweet of racist, bigoted hate thrown in the direction of not only Senator Scott but many of the night’s other minority speakers (as noted by my colleague Becca Lower).

Take a look:

Tim Scott is a freaking coon. This fool said from cotton to congress. Ancestors rolling over in they graves.

— Brandon A. Jiles (@BrandonJ2cool) August 25, 2020

@NBCNews Sen. Tim Scott’s is a good black house nigger,
Donald Trump is a white man of wealth, A wealthy white man negative character has always been off limit to the black house niggers. Sen. Tim Scott,must stay positive when discussing Trump’s character

— Franco White (@franblanco0711) August 25, 2020

The racially questionable actions were even endorsed by some Democrat elected officials:

As the modern left has sent the standard for Trump, requiring that he publicly denounce every racist comment from each and every individual supporter, when can we expect a comment from the Biden camp denouncing the use of such racist and derogatory terms as found in the above tweets?

I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Author: Scott Hounsell

Source: Red State: Tim Scott’s RNC Speech Triggers a Tsunami of Racist Comments from the Left

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