Far-Left Turns On Their Own — Threatens Top Democrat Billionaire In Horrifying Way

Protesters on Thursday responded to a report that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the first man to be worth $200 billion by building a guillotine in front of his Washington house.

The protest, organized to demand a $30 minimum wage for Amazon workers, attracted about 100 people, led by former Amazon employee Chris Smalls. Smalls, who has protested Bezos before, gestured at the billionaire’s house and decried his record-setting wealth.

“Give a good reason why we don’t deserve a $30 minimum wage when this man makes $4,000 a second,” he said.

Smalls told his own story of employment at Amazon, saying the company had not responded adequately to the coronavirus pandemic. Smalls said he worked long hours without adequate pay and that he saw other people come in for work who were infected with the coronavirus. In late March, he walked out of the Staten Island shipping center in protest. Amazon fired him shortly afterward.

At the protest, Smalls lectured outside Bezos’s home. It is unclear if the billionaire was inside.

“Hey, Jeff Bezos. I’m going to let you know something today: We are just getting started,” he said. “We’re going to go to every single location you’ve got across the country and set up shop until you meet our demands as workers.”

Smalls invited other speakers to share their stories and led the crowd in an anti-Bezos chant.

“If we don’t get, we shut it down!” they shouted repeatedly.

Protesters in June set up a guillotine, a device known for beheading elite French nobility during the French Revolution, in front of Bezos’s house and surrounded it with signs accusing him of treating workers poorly.

Bezos on Wednesday became one of the richest people in recorded history, Forbes said.

Author: Nicholas Rowan

Source: Washington Examiner: Protesters build guillotine in front of Jeff Bezos’s house after his wealth hits $200B

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