After Attempting To Slam Trump, Biden Says Something He Wishes He Didn’t

Evidence for Joe Biden’s dementia has been piling up for a long time. The man continues to struggle to speak. His party and campaign work overtime to protect him from scrutiny. But as his polls slip, the candidate has been forced to make more appearances—only proving our concerns. Now, he’s made the worst gaffe yet and provided undeniable proof the Democrat is losing his grip.

Forget COVID. The real reason Biden was hiding in his basement was that his handlers told him to. It was obvious the moment he clinched the nomination that Joe wasn’t fit to run. All the gaffes, mistakes, slurred speech, and confused demeanor were adding up. Biden’s speeches and interviews were limited to just a few minutes, in a desperate attempt to limit the damage.

But recently, after months of Democrat-inspired riots and looting, even left-wing polls have Biden losing to Trump. His handlers have been forcing Joe to make more appearances, just to pretend like he’s actually running a campaign. Nothing has gone well, not even his DNC appearance. The pathetic media might try to spin it—but America’s not fooled. Joe Biden is losing his mind.

You may have heard about Joe’s recent “fiery” speech denouncing violence. Yeah, the media was impressed. But they didn’t show you how he really came off. Conservatives shared a clip from the speech that is more than troubling. It is his worst gaffe yet.

This is why the Biden campaign doesn’t want him to leave his basement — this guy isn’t playing with a full deck and it is so irresponsible that the media covers this up… [Source: Twitter]

Watch the video for yourself. If that doesn’t convince you the man is not well, then you might be suffering from dementia too. Joe stumbles around, saying the most incoherent things imaginable.

Honestly, I’ve talked with nursing home patients that sounded better than that.

In just a few seconds, Joe can’t even finish a basic thought. Remember, this man’s words have been written for him. He has a teleprompter and probably notes right in front of him. Yet he can’t even get out a simple line.

I’m not even sure what he was trying to say. He mentions COVID deaths, but then rambles about a hundred years. He can’t make out his comment—and nobody being honest can claim to know what he’s talking about.

This clip will not be widely aired on the mainstream media. Not even Fox News appears to be willing to discuss it (they do have a glowing article, though, about how wonderful Biden’s speech was). But the clip was shared by users online. Just this one link has been viewed over 7.7 million times.

I don’t think the Democrats can come back from this kind of disaster. It appears they have the anti-Midas touch; everything they get their hands on they ruin. Throughout this year, we’ve seen how Democratic leadership ruins states, puts Americans out of work, and lets criminals run wild.

Biden himself can’t even be trusted to talk. His handlers wanted him to stay in the basement forever just so he wouldn’t embarrass himself.

We have to ask the obvious question: if Joe can’t even finish a simple sentence on his own, how can he be the president? The job involves much more than giving speeches. He has to be quick on his feet, make tough decisions, and stand his ground against enemies and foreign leaders.

But this man can’t even talk straight.

And why aren’t the Democrats doing anything about this? Do they really think they can get this guy elected and use him as a puppet? Do they really think Americans are so stupid that they’d elect a man with dementia?

For a long time, I hesitated to say he had dementia. I just used the words “mental decline.” But this clip proves beyond a doubt that man is ill. Worse than Hillary.

He must drop out of the race immediately.

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