Trump Administration Out-Smarts Liberal D.A. With Genius Move

Rioting has been going on in Portland for roughly three months. It’s been vile and down right anarchy. We saw it with the CHAZ/CHOP zone, until it was eventually broken up. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) both declined President Donald Trump’s offers to send in the National Guard. Chaos continued to ensue. In fact, there really was no motivation for officers to arrest the thugs that were tagging buildings, setting fires and looting. After all, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt said he wouldn’t prosecute those involved in the Black Lives Matter “protests.”

Because of that, the feds sidestepped the local government. The U.S. Marshals came in and deputized Oregon State Police troopers. That means troopers have the ability to arrest someone for a federal crime and turn them over to federal prosecutors instead of state or local prosecutors.

The deputization took place after sheriffs from nearby Clackamas and Washington Counties and the Gresham Police Department refused to send in officers to respond to the riots. Their biggest reason was Schmidt’s failure to prosecute rioters, KGW-TV reported.

According to KION-TV, the U.S. Attorneys office is reviewing cases in Portland to determine which ones will be prosecuted.

The move is actually rather genius. It’s surprising that it took this long to do. Maybe if troopers were cross deputized earlier this summer, the riots would have been done and over with by now.

Author: Beth Baumann

Source: Town Hall: The Feds Get Creative and Sidestep Portland’s District Attorney

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