Black Woman At Biden Event Claims She Forced To Read From Script

Joe Biden recently visited Kenosha, Wisconsin to pander to minorities. During the event, he took “questions” from those attending. But one woman admitted she was given a paper to read from. Refusing to follow the script, she shared her own thoughts instead.

First off, how is Joe Biden able to hold political events inside local churches? Whatever happened to separation of church and state, Democrats? Whenever anything remotely political happens inside a church among conservatives, the left flips out. But time and again Biden is allowed to speak at churches, because he wants to pander to black voters.

President Trump visited Kenosha to survey the damage rioters and paid looters did to the city. He promised to help rebuild Kenosha and vowed the violence would never happen again. Joe Biden, on the other hand, attended a political event and made few promises for improvement.

But the most interesting moment of the event was when a black woman was invited to ask a question. She wanted to speak her own mind, but was having trouble. Finally, she admitted that she had been handed a paper to “go off.” She refused.

A woman who attended a town hall event in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Thursday with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appeared to suggest when it was her time to speak that she was told to stick to what was written on a piece of paper.

“My name in Porsche Bennett,” the woman said. “I’m just going to be honest, Mr. Biden, I was told to go off this paper, but I can’t. You need the truth and I’m part of the truth.”

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer responded to the news clip of the woman saying that she was supposed to read off the piece of paper by writing on Twitter: “The press would be in a feeding frenzy if the Bush staff handed ‘real’ people the questions to ask Bush at townhall style event. Let’s see how acquiescent the Biden press corps is – or can they still be tough on the person they cover?” [Source: Daily Wire]

Ms. Bennett later said that a group called Black Lives Activists Kenosha gave her the paper. Now, why would an activist group want to hand out pre-written questions/comments for attendees to read? Why don’t they just want the folks to share their thoughts and questions with a man who wants them to elect him president?

Is it because, perhaps, Biden’s campaign put them up to it? Oh, you know the answer to that. Joe Biden doesn’t even take questions from the media. His online events and interviews are carefully scripted and controlled. That’s because the campaign is afraid of what Biden will say if forced to think on his own.

Imagine that. The Democrats’ candidate for president has so lost his mind, he can’t be trusted to interact with people!

“Black Lives” groups are closely affiliated with the Democratic Party. That’s no secret. Clearly, Biden’s campaign had this BLAK group hand out questions they wanted the people to ask. Because they wrote them themselves, Biden had the answers already prepared.

Is everything the left does a poorly-orchestrated farce? Can’t they, for once, do something real and authentic?

You know the answer to that one as well. The party of Hollywood can’t produce anything genuine, because they’ve been living in a scripted fantasy world for years.

And their biggest name—Joe Biden—has so lost his mind that he can’t even answer a question on his own.

Why would we let these people back into the White House?

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