Governor Issues Shocking Threat To Trump — Quickly Regrets And Backtracks

Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reportedly lashed out at President Trump for signing a memo that initiates a process to defund large cities that permit “anarchy,” including New York City.

Cuomo, who spoke praises of the president during the height of the coronavirus pandemic a few months ago, reportedly remarked that Trump would need an “army” for protection should he desire to visit his hometown.

“He better have an army if he thinks he’s gonna walk down the street in New York. New Yorkers don’t want to have anything to do with him,” Cuomo said, according to the New York Post, which cited his office’s response to another story. “He can’t have enough bodyguards to walk through New York City. People don’t want to have anything to do with him.”

The New York Democrat speculated that Trump’s newly signed memo isn’t based on substantive disagreement about the state’s handling of rising crime, but a reaction to being “rejected” from New York.

“He was disrespected in New York City. Nobody took him seriously, and he was just a tabloid cartoon,” Cuomo said, adding that “his sister, a former federal judge, is disgraced by him.”

Clarifying the comments, Cuomo said, “All I’m saying is that he is persona non grata in New York City. And I think he knows that. And he’ll never come back to New York, because New Yorkers will never forget how gratuitously mean he has been to New Yorkers and how many times he’s tried to kill the city that gave him his start and birthed him. That’s what I meant about the bodyguards.”

On Wednesday, the president signed a five-page memo that orders Cabinet agencies to examine funds to multiple metropolitan cities, including Seattle, Portland, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

“American taxpayers who fund the great programs that our cities rely on deserve to be protected by their local city officials. We are taking action by exploring all options to ensure federal resources flowing to lawless cities aren’t being squandered. The lack of law and order surrounding these riots, and response from local leadership, is a dereliction of duty. Our men and women in blue cannot be handcuffed by local leadership in their efforts to respond to riots and protect their fellow citizens,” said Office of Management and Budget Director Russ Vought in a statement to the Washington Examiner.

“My Administration will do everything in its power to prevent weak mayors and lawless cities from taking Federal dollars while they let anarchists harm people, burn buildings, and ruin lives and businesses. We’re putting them on notice today,” the president tweeted later in the night.

Author: Anthony Leonardi

Source: Washington Examiner: Andrew Cuomo says Trump ‘better have an army’ for protection if he comes to New York

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