Trump VS Biden—Guess Who Kenosha Picks For President?

After several nights of rioting, thanks to Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the city of Kenosha, WI was in ruins. President Trump helped restore order through the National Guard and later visited the city. He offered hope and vowed it would never happen again. Later, Joe Biden visited the city to blame everything that happened on Trump. Guess which visit the county appreciated more?

We’ve seen a pretty hilarious trend emerging since the very beginning of the presidential race. Joe Biden wants us to believe he’s a better leader than Donald Trump. He frequently criticizes the president’s leadership and decisions—claiming to do better. But much of what Biden has done since March is often what Trump has done days, weeks, or months before!

Every time Biden has a “brilliant” idea for battling COVID, it’s revealed the Trump White House has already implemented it. President Trump condemned the violent riots immediately. That took Joe Biden months before he officially called out the violence—but refused to confront those actually doing it.

After Biden’s left-wing anarchists attacked, looted, and burned down Kenosha, WI, it was Trump who restored the peace and visited the city. He surveyed the destruction and promised it would never happen again. And he pledged millions to help rebuild the city. Joe Biden visited sometime after that—and offered nothing.

Now, one of the country leaders is speaking out on both visits.

Supervisor Amy Maurer, and several other supervisors, wrote Trump a letter asking him not to cancel his visit to the area, despite demands by Gov. Tony Evers (D) and the NAACP.

“I don’t care who comes as long as they bring help,” she said.

The Trump administration is providing $41 million “in emergency funding to hire more police officers and provide support to victims affected by recent violence…”

“I don’t think Joe Biden brought any help. This was a campaign stop for him,” she told The Kyle Olson Show.

“For Joe Biden to come, it was kind of a waste of time, in my opinion,” she said. [Source: Breitbart]

The Kenosha visits are a perfect contrast between President Donald Trump and desperate candidate Joe Biden. Through the pandemic and riots, President Trump has offered real leadership and solutions. What has Joe Biden done? Oh, nothing. As Americans suffered due to fears of a virus and radical lockdowns that put them out of work, Trump was fighting night and day to find treatments and end the pandemic.

Joe Biden was content to hide in his basement and complain about everything Trump did.

I didn’t see Joe Biden negotiated with companies to provide millions of PPE. Or get car companies to churn out ventilators. Joe Biden didn’t score deals to take key drug manufacturing out of China and bring it back to the U.S. And Joe was certainly not providing guidance, insight, and hope to millions of Americans.

Trump did all that.

And after this city in Wisconsin was unjustly destroyed by Democrats’ own lapdogs, it was Trump who defied the hate of their governor to offer support. The funds he is providing will actually provide more police as well as help the 30+ businesses devastated by looters.

Joe Biden showed up at Kenosha to complain, yet again. He offered no solutions, yet again, but tried to blame Americans’ problems on Trump.

Yes, because it’s Trump’s fault that Democrats are letting radical anarchists destroy their cities.

Supervisor Maurer slammed Biden, saying his visit was just “a campaign stop.” She is suggesting he didn’t even care about what happened there—he was just trying to get more votes.

Sorry, Joe, but that’s not what a real leader does. A real leader helps, he doesn’t hide in his basement until its convenient to leave.

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