Romney Obliterates Pelosi In a Single Tweet—You Have To See This

Nancy Pelosi took considerable heat after Americans learned she broke local lockdown rules to get her hair done. She was seen inside an SF salon, not wearing a mask, even though local rules required salons to operate outside. The Speaker refused to admit she was wrong and even accused the salon of setting her up. Now, the Speaker has been so thoroughly humiliated, that even a GOP pariah is taking potshots at her.

You might have thought that “Hairgate 2020” was all said and done. It wasn’t. We can’t just let this episode of hypocrisy just pass us by. Nancy Pelosi is a crooked, dishonest, hateful Democrat. She has disgraced the office of the Speaker again and again and proven she lacks even a shred of vision to be a leader.

Remember, she lied to America when she said she was against the Democrat House’s intentions to impeach Trump. She instead supported a bogus impeachment over a meaningless phone call. Let’s not forget how she pathetically tore up the president’s SOTU address in front of the entire country. She later denied the threat of COVID by encouraging people to visit San Francisco’s Chinatown.

These aren’t things a leader with integrity and intelligence does. These are things a petty, spoiled, entitled elitist does, who thinks she can do whatever she wants. Hairgate is a prime example of this. Even though millions of San Francisco residents have suffered under unjust government lockdown rules, Pelosi casually broke them to get her hair done. And even when she was caught in the act, she accused other people.

She’s fallen so far that even Mitt Romney—a man largely despised by his own party—was able to mock her.

Sen. Mitt Romney mocked Nancy Pelosi after tweeting a picture of his wife giving him a haircut at home, saying it was a “better salon” than the one the House speaker visited in defying local coronavirus guidelines.

“Getting cleaned up for resumption of the Senate,” Romney, R-Utah, tweeted Monday. “Better salon than Pelosi’s!”

Romney tweeted a photo of himself getting his hair cut from his wife Ann Romney outside his home. [Source: Fox News]

You know you’ve really lost it when someone like Mitt Romney can see clear to criticize you. Romney posted a photo of himself outside his home, getting a haircut from his wife. Although in the state of Utah, the restrictions are less demanding, he went out of his way to show up the Speaker—who couldn’t be bothered to follow one rule.

Only days before the scandal, Pelosi was attacking the GOP and President Trump over COVID. She accused the Republicans of being “enemies of the state” and has frequently claimed Trump was killing people because he often did not wear a face mask during press conferences.

Yet when she thought no one was looking, Pelosi broke the rules and did not wear a face mask. I mean, she was caught—we have the video footage. And even then, she refused to admit she was wrong.

The woman claimed that the salon set her up! How desperate do you have to be to make up that kind of excuse?

The country is recovering from one of the worst pandemics/lockdowns in our history. Millions have been forced to follow ridiculous, unscientific rules because of panic-prone governers and mayors. Yet this woman can’t bother to apologize and admit she was wrong?

Pelosi thinks she is above everyone else. Plain and simple. The fact she attacked middle-class salon workers is proof enough of that.

Even though Romney has had his fair share of bad blood among Republicans, he hasn’t done that. He knew this was a prime opportunity to win over conservatives—and troll a woman who, like Biden, is increasingly losing her mind.

For that, I give him some credit.

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