Trump VS Media: Guess Who Americans Stand With?

The COVID panic has dragged on all the way into the Fall. The hysteria manufactured by the media in March has given way to near apathy among most Americans. But still, the news tries to spread fear and worry, all to affect the election. But a new poll reveals that Americans are getting sick of the fearmongering and even trust Trump more than the news.

At the beginning of the pandemic, it appeared Americans had no clue what was going on. That could explain why so many citizens were believing wild and unsubstantiated reports from social media. All the doom-and-gloom never came true. But that’s okay, we have a shattered economy, ruined academic careers, destroyed lives, and mounting suicides to show for it!

The media still bangs on the COVID drum, even though most people don’t know anyone who got the disease, let alone died from it. Now, a new poll reveals Americans are just getting tired of the MSM’s narrative.

What must be especially demoralizing for the fake media is that despite months and months and months of the media spending billions of corporate dollars to undermine the public’s trust in President Trump on the issue of the China Virus, more people trust him than them.

In March, Trump and the national media were pretty much tied. A full 46 percent trusted Trump, while 45 percent trusted the media.

Since March, trust in the media has plummeted to 35 percent, while Trump dropped to just 40 percent.

Compared to everyone, Trump has held on much better over the last five months. [Source: Breitbart]

Sure, some people might have lost confidence in Trump’s response to the virus, but at least he’s overseen a radical recovery. He was first to call for an end to the pointless lockdowns and did what no president has ever done, to muster the private sector and government.

Meanwhile, the media did nothing but blame Trump for every death. But did they do a single thing to make the situation better?

Let me see… oh, nope!

Thanks to the media, schools were shut down, businesses were ruined, and toilet paper ran out. It was the media who spread fear and disinformation—forcing panic-prone governors to needlessly shut down their states.

When President Trump was spreading cautious optimism, the media was Chicken Little, running around saying the sky is falling.

Nothing the media did actually helped the situation. Remember, they were the ones who discredited HQL, a safe drug that proved to kill the virus. Because of them, many people died out of fear of taking the medication.

When WHO announced that asymptomatic people “very rarely” spread the disease—suggesting lockdowns should end—the media forced them to retract, ensuring the suffering would continue.

It was the media who called wild riots “mostly peaceful,” encouraging possibly sick people to spread the disease more.

And it was the media who distorted and inflated the numbers, adding to Americans’ pain and suffering, all over politics.

Should we be surprised that so few Americans trust them anymore? The real shocker is that anyone is left who bothers to listen to the MSM.

These clowns are nothing but far-left shills, Democratic operatives. They don’t even hide their bias anymore. All they do is spew Democrat talking points, pretending like we don’t notice.

When the day comes that we reject them 100%, we’ll be much better off.

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