Top Democrat Turns on De Blasio In Epic Political Ambush

New York City has suffered the worst from the COVID panic and subsequent Summer riots. Most of that is thanks to Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has let the city decline in recent years. Thanks to his leadership, crime is on the rise as many residents flee to greener pastures. Now, even Democrats are starting to turn on the leftist, as a local congressman blasts him in a new ad.

If you want to look at where Democrats would take the entire nation, look at regions run by them for a long time. Cities and states that enjoy majority Democratic rule have utterly collapsed. Without any opposition, Democrat governors and mayors rule with iron fists. We’ve seen that during the pandemic, when Democrats mercilessly shut down their economies, even depriving children of going to school.

Perhaps the worst has been felt in New York. The city was once prosperous and thriving, thanks to the leadership of Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg. But the moment a Democrat got into the mayor’s office, the city took a nosedive.

First, de Blasio abandoned policies that kept the city safe. Then, he routinely neglected the police, even as many of them were killed in the line of duty. During the outset of the pandemic, he ignored it… until it was too late. He is an ardent supporter of BLM, even painting their name on the streets of the city. Even today, he admits he has no plan for reopening the biggest city in the United States.

So, it should come as no surprise that many New Yorkers hate the guy. But a Democrat?

A New York congressman has a very simple message for his constituents as he lobbies for reelection: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is the worst.

Rep. Max Rose, a Democrat who represents Staten Island and parts of south Brooklyn, released a campaign ad that makes his feelings towards the mayor crystal clear.

“Bill de Blasio is the worst mayor in the history of New York City. That’s the whole ad,” Rose said in the six second long video…

Speaking to Fox News earlier this month, Rose accused de Blasio of “actively trying to kill” off New York City restaurants with his coronavirus response. He took aim at the “idiotic” policy to continue to ban indoor dining at Big Apple restaurants while surrounding suburban regions have opened up in some capacity. [Source: Fox News]

Rose hammered de Blasio for his toxic policy on combatting the virus. He particularly criticized how he’s keeping the cities businesses locked down, despite significant drops in cases. Rose said the mayor is “actively trying to kill” off New York businesses.

Now, why would he do that? We know that most Democrats ruined their economies to hurt Trump’s re-election chances. But it’s only come at a huge cost to their cities and states. Tax revenues for New York are in the toilet. The governor has begged residents to come back. But the mayor hasn’t bothered doing anything to improve the situation.

Are Democrats really hurting their own residents over politics? Seems that way. Even this Democrat congressman is fighting back.

The only question is, will the rest of the city fight back? Will every parent whose kid couldn’t go to school fight back? Will every restaurant owner who went bankrupt fight back? Will every New Yorker who once voted for a liberal finally wake up and stop supporting a party that seeks their demise?

Let’s hope so. Or the “Greatest City in the World” will continue to become a trash heap.

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