Pelosi Capitalizes On Death In Outrageous New Statement — You Have To See This

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi blamed climate change for the wildfires in California during a Thursday MSNBC appearance.

Pelosi said “Mother Earth is angry,” when discussing the wildfires in California. “She’s telling us, whether she’s telling us with hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, fires in the West, whatever it is … the climate crisis is real and has an impact,” Pelosi continued.


A pyrotechnic device that was used in a gender reveal party sparked a massive wildfire in San Bernardino California burnt over 7,500 acres, officials said Monday morning.

There are currently other wildfires occurring across the West which Pelosi mentioned, including Washington, Oregon, and Montana. As of Thursday, there are at least eight reportedly dead in the fires on the West Coast, according to CNN.

The latest death was reported on Wednesday near Happy Camp, California.

Author: Henry Rodgers

Source: Daily Caller: Pelosi On Fires In California: ‘Mother Earth Is Angry’

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