Trump Obliterates The Left: Exposes Sinister Plot To Steal 2020

President Trump has continued to slam mail-in voting as a growing number of states are set to send out ballots. He has warned the process opens up the door for voter fraud.

During a campaign rally in North Carolina earlier this week, he slammed states which are sending out unsolicited ballots and advised voters to confirm their ballot is counted.

“Make sure you send the ballot in, and then go to your polling place and make sure it counts,” he stated. “Make sure it gets in because the only way they can win is by doing very bad things, that’s the only way.”

President Trump has previously said he supports absentee voting, where a ballot is sent to voters who request them. However, he’s been highly critical of universal mail-in voting, where ballots are sent to voters regardless if they requested them or not.

Author: OAN Newsroom

Source: OANN: President Trump: Sending Out 80M Unsolicited Ballots Is Unfair, Total Fraud

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