Tucker Reveals Stunning Audio Of CNN Host — You Have To See This

Fox News host Tucker Carlson once again delivered on his promise to air shocking audio revealing the private conversations between CNN host Chris Cuomo and Michael Cohen on Wednesday, former personal attorney to President Trump.

The audio Cohen secretly recorded this time showed how Cuomo coached Cohen on how to deal with an upcoming interview on CNN about the controversy surrounding Trump and Stormy Daniels. In the recording Tucker aired, Cohen noted CNN anchor Erin Burnett said it would be better to do the interview with her since she is a woman.

Cuomo went on to play out a faux interview with him playing both the interviewer and interviewee in order to prep Cohen.

“‘And why didn’t you let it come out and let the people decide?’ ‘Because is not a fair process, they wouldn’t have had any of the counter facts, if she was somehow convinced to do it and people decided to believe that her denials were somehow less true than her admissions and I didn’t want to play that game, everything was tilted against Mr. Trump,'” Cuomo can be heard saying.

Cuomo also advised Cohen how to answer questions about an LLC Cohen used to pay quietly pay Daniels.

“‘I’m not being shady, I was being legal and I did with my right away, you are wrong about the LLC, I used it for other things, I have tons of LLCs, I didn’t form it just to do this and even if I have, my whole point would have been to keep it quiet but that happened to just not be true,'” Cuomo told Cohen.

The recordings Carlson has aired also showed how CNN chief Jeff Zucker wanted to give Trump his own weekly show on the network back in 2016, while calling Trump “the boss.”

Author: Julio Rosas

Source: Town Hall: Tucker Carlson Reveals More Audio From Conversations Between CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Michael Cohen

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