Ted Cruz Demands Federal Investigation Into Liberal-Funded Child Sex Film

The Internet has been ablaze ever since Netflix released a disturbing film called “Cuties.” Although wildly defended by many leftist film critics, many Americans accuse the movies of exploiting pre-pubescent children. The outrage has become so fierce, that now Sen. Ted Cruz is calling on the DOJ to investigate this as child pornography.

I’m not sure which is worse, that Netflix released this movie (even though people have complained for months) or that the left is defending it as a work of art. Anyone that has criticized it online has been accused (by liberals) of promoting a “right-wing” campaign against it.

But from all appearances, the film “Cuties” is exploiting young girls in a sexual manner. Those who have viewed the film have expressed shock and disgust that Netflix would stream a movie that has young girls behave in sexual ways, and according to reports, show partial nudity.

The backlash has been intense, with tens of thousands of users ending their Netflix subscriptions. Quickly, those on the left defended the film, making bold and empty claims that it was confronting the patriarchy. Yeah, right.

Sen. Ted Cruz, a husband and father, has been deeply disturbed by this development and he’s calling on the Department of Justice to investigate Netflix for distributing what he believes is child pornography.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined other Republicans in Congress on Friday to urge the Department of Justice to investigate Netflix after the backlash against “Cuties,” a new movie that depicts young girls in sexually provocative ways.

Cruz tweeted a public letter he sent to Attorney General Bill Barr, writing on Saturday, “Following [Netflix]’s disturbing promotion of ‘Cuties,’ I sent a letter calling on [DOJ] to investigate whether Netflix, its executives, or the filmmakers violated any federal laws against the production and distribution of child pornography.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Cruz explained why he is calling for such a strong response from the government saying, although he defends the First Amendment, the DOJ “has a significant role in preventing the sexual abuse of children.” According to his letter, the movie “created even more explicit and abusive scenes” than the ones kept in and “pedophiles across the world” will use this film “in abusive ways.”

In the years before 2016, there was a growing trend on the left to normalize pedophilia. Articles were published in mainstream magazines trying to promote this disturbing “preference.” Since Trump’s election—and the surge of conservative voices online—it appeared the left’s love of child exploitation went underground.

Only to come back stronger than ever, it seems. This movie is the biggest move by the left in years to normalize the sexualization of children. At the very same time, the governor of California just signed a bill that will reduce the penalties for adults who have sex with a “willing” minor. Even though it has been proven that children are rarely “willing” partners in sex acts with adults.

Don’t think these two events are unrelated. There is a growing and disgusting trend on the left to make this horrendous practice normal.

Why should we be surprised? This is the same group that doesn’t bat an eye when unborn children are murdered. The same group that is calling for the destruction of nuclear families. The same party the worships at the feet of government-run schools that seek to brainwash children.

Why wouldn’t they turn a blind eye to this kind of evil?

If the DOJ listens to this growing number of senators, Netflix could be in big trouble. There is little argument that this movie isn’t inappropriate beyond words. The Attorney General must crack down hard on this company, so that others don’t follow in their footsteps.

The bigger problem is obvious: if Joe Biden becomes president and takes of the DOJ—will crimes like this be prosecuted in the future? If not, expect the floodgates to burst.

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