Candace Owens Obliterates Pro-Basketball Player In Pointed Social Media Post

Conservative commentator Candace Owens took issue with NBA superstar LeBron James, saying he should “give” her the racism he’s “suffering through.”

“I always say, if you’re suffering through racism, please give me some of that,” Owens told Mark Levin on his Fox News show Life, Liberty, & Levin, which aired Sunday.

“He’s got a white gardener, a white chef, all various white people that work for him, white driver,” she said. “So, if that’s racism, LeBron, please, please share some of that with the rest of us.”

James has been one of the most prominent supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement within professional sports. He said in August that black Americans are “scared” following the recent deaths and shootings of black people during police interactions.

“If I opened my inbox and showed you the amount of celebrities that have written to me privately, that silent majority that we’re always talking about, they’ve written to me and said, ‘I’m finally starting to see the truth. I can’t stand being in Hollywood. I’m not allowed to use my voice to say what I actually believe,’” Owens said during the interview.

“These are the same celebrities that are actually posting the black squares on Instagram and saying, ‘We must care about Black lives.’ And they’re saying they’re doing it basically under duress because if they don’t, they’ll lose their entire careers.”

Owens took issue with James earlier on Sunday in a tweet, saying that he helps stoke fear and violence with “dishonest rhetoric.”

“Why does this happen? Because pea-brained celebrities that are idolized like @KingJames tell young black men that they are ‘literally being hunted’. This is the natural result of such hyperbolic, dishonest rhetoric,” she tweeted, accompanied by the video of two California deputies being shot during an “ambush.”

“The racist, anti-police, black lives matter LIE is to blame,” she added.

Author: Emma Colton

Source: Washington Examiner: Candace Owens tells LeBron James to ‘give’ her the racism he’s ‘suffering through’

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