AOC Admits Biden Is Just a Deep State ‘Puppet’

Joe Biden was selected to be the Democrats’ nominee because he was considered a moderate who can compete against Trump. But, since getting the nom, Biden has become increasingly left-wing. He’s even borrowed many ideas from radical socialist Bernie Sanders. And even though Trump warns Biden will be a puppet for the radical left, AOC admits this is what they plan to do if Joe is elected.

Isn’t funny that, just as traditional conservative values are working in America, Democrats push the most radical socialist platform ever? It’s as if they’ve seen how effective Trump’s policies can be and decided their plan is to tank the U.S. economy.

Americans want a thriving economy just as much as the president. They have enjoyed the results of his slashed regulations, lowered taxes, and better trade deals. Yet the Democrats appear to be ignoring all of this as they promise an America of surging taxes, fleeing jobs, and abusive government programs.

The exact opposite of what has been shown to work. It’s almost as if, Democrats don’t really care if Americans are prospering, as long as they have all the power!

The Democratic Party sabotaged Bernie Sanders (again) to make sure Joe Biden was the nominee. That seems to suggest they feared a socialist getting the nomination and picked the “safe” moderate guy. The only problem is Biden and his campaign have been lurching far left since the beginning of this year. He has promised high taxes, more government regulation, toxic handout programs, and of course the Green New Deal.

His platform is essentially Bernie Sanders’ just watered down a bit. That’s not good enough for radical know-nothings like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, though. She wants more socialism dragging down the United States. And she just admitted her cohorts will simply turn Biden into a puppet, if he is elected.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said former Vice President Joe Biden is not progressive enough in multiple policy areas but predicted that he “likely” can be pushed further to the left once he’s elected president…

“We’re different people, and clearly I, in the primary, one of the reasons why I was supportive of Senator Sanders was because of how progressive his stances are, but, you know, the primaries are over, and right now what is most important is to make sure that we ensure a Democratic victory in November and that we continue to push Vice President Biden on issues from marijuana to climate change to foreign policy.”

Ocasio-Cortez is optimistic that her party’s progressive wing can push Biden to the left.

“I think, overall, we can likely push Vice President Biden in a more progressive direction across policy issues,” she told Just the News in an interview Tuesday on Capitol Hill. [Source: Just the News]

AOC is saying that she and her socialist allies will manipulate Biden to embrace radical socialist policies. She is all but proud of saying that, as if we wouldn’t be horrified to learn the Democratic candidate is just a puppet for the far-left.

Mike Pence literally just said this recently, when he said Joe Biden would be a “Trojan horse” for the radical left. He would just step aside and do whatever the socialist told him to do.

If he doesn’t just step down and give Kamala Harris the White House, that is.

I’m not sure AOC even realizes she is ruining her side’s chances. If she was campaigning for Trump, she couldn’t do a better job. She is actually telling the country her party would push the president around like a bully pushing around a school child. Would Biden just rubber-stamp the radical left’s policies, without making one decision himself?

In a word, yes.

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