Democrats Panic As Ultimate Battleground State Flips Red

New data published in the key swing state of Florida shows that Republican voter registration has surged, shrinking the lead that Democrats have held for years, according to Politico.

The data, released by the Florida Division of Elections, shows that Republican efforts in the state have cut the Democrats’ lead to less than 185,000 voters, Politico reported.

Republicans added almost 58,000 new voters in August, a 91 percent increase from August 2016 and a party record, according to Politico.

Democrats have registered 41 percent fewer voters in Florida than the GOP.

In November 2016, Florida Democrats had over 327,000 more voters registered than Republicans. President Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by a little over one percentage point in Florida in 2016.

Democrats have suspended their door-to-door campaign efforts, which Trump’s Florida campaign director, Susan Wiles, told Politico has been crucial to the Republican party’s success.

“We did it through the mail, but the main way we had success was at the door, and because the Democrats aren’t meeting people at their doors like our campaign is doing, we are having great success,” Wiles said.

Jason Pizzo, a Democratic state senator from Miami, told Politico that there has been no pushback by the Democratic Party to combat the techniques being used by the GOP.

According to the latest polls, Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are essentially in a dead heat in Florida, with Real Clear Politics giving Biden a 1.3 percent average lead over Trump.

Author: Matthew Wearp

Source: Western Journal: Republicans Score Record Number of New Voters as Red Wave Sweeps Florida

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