New York Times Facing Ruin After GOP Sets Their Sights

Democrats and the liberal media gushed over a supposed New York Times’ “bombshell” that claimed to expose Trump’s tax records. The left-wing newspaper accused Trump of not paying much taxes for years, although they admitted he neither broke the law nor received money from Russia. Now, a Republican lawmaker is demanding answers—and an investigation.

Flash poll: Do any Trump supporters give two rips about his taxes? No, I didn’t think so.

But since 2016, Democrats have been obsessed with acquiring Trump’s tax records. It had little to do with wanting transparency from a presidential candidate. These rubes really believed Trump had broken the law—and had not paid taxes for years.

Hmm… I wonder where they got that idea? Maybe from their own practices?

Trump refused to hand over his taxes, in an apparent attempt to just troll the left. Americans elected him, without knowing about his taxes. They cared more about how he’d lower their taxes and bring prosperity back to the country.

(After all, what American in their right mind wants to pay more taxes?)

This week, the New York Times claimed to have acquired years of Trump’s taxes. While Trump denies the story and accuses the paper of distorting the truth, one big question lingers. How on earth did this left-wing newspaper get Trump’s taxes (if they are real), since a citizens’ tax records are confidential?

So, a top Republican is demanding an investigation.

The top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, Texas Rep. Kevin Brady, this week called for an investigation into the source who released President Trump’s tax return information to The New York Times over the weekend, calling it “illegal” and for “political reasons.”

“While many critics question the article’s accuracy, equally troubling is the prospect that a felony crime was committed by releasing the private tax return information of an individual — in this case the President’s,” Brady said in a statement this week.

“To ensure every American is protected against the illegal release of their tax returns for political reasons, I am calling for an investigation of the source and to prosecute if the law was broken,” he said. [Source: Fox News]

Let’s get real here: what’s really shocking isn’t what the Times claims about Trump’s taxes, but that this newspaper thought it was no big deal to illegally publish someone’s tax records without their consent.

It’s against the law for the IRS to hand over someone else’s tax documents to a stranger. So, if the NYT is really admitting they got their hands on Trump’s real taxes, either they are admitting they broke the law or someone within the government broke the law.

We know nothing the Times is claiming proves Trump did anything illegal. His tax history matters little to most Americans who just want Trump to make good on his campaign promises. The only people who cared about Trump’s taxes were political hacks who are trying to find reasons to attack him.

Now we see they are willing to lie (with fake tax info) or blatantly admit they broke the law. I don’t know which one’s worse.

Actually, breaking the law to slander the president with stolen tax documents is much worse. If a regular person stole someone else’s’ tax records and posted them online, they’d be in big trouble. But because it’s the New York Times, we’re not supposed to be outraged?

If Trump refuses to release his taxes, that’s the end of the argument. Let voters decide if that disqualifies him to win an election. But the Times clearly doesn’t respect your right as a voting American. They’d rather flagrantly break the law, just to make the president look bad.

It didn’t even work. People quickly forgot about the “scandal,” mostly because they didn’t care.

But we won’t forget what the Times did, just over politics. There must be an investigation and the paper must be held accountable.

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