Democrats Celebrate After Trump Reveals Secret Health Crisis

Early this Friday, Trump announced on Twitter that he and the First Lady tested positive for COVID. They will be quarantining in the White House. Many people offered well wishes and a speedy recovery. But you can always count on the left to show its true colors in times like this. The Washington Post quickly posted a reaction but was forced to take it down. But other leftists piled on.

Yes, this morning, President Trump announced he and First Lady Melania have tested positive for COVID. At this point, they are suffering no symptoms but will be quarantining at the White House. Like millions of other Americans who tested positive for this disease, they will most likely recover quickly and back to their regular routine.

The specter of fear and panic that the media has put on Americans over COVID for most the year has long ago waned. But be sure that some in the media—particularly Democrats trying to manipulate the election—will use this as an excuse to once again stoke the flames of hysteria. Just imagine what Sleepy Joe will soon say about all this.

The good news is that many people, even critics, quickly offered well wishes to the president and the first lady. But not everyone. Almost immediately, the Washington Post issued a damning statement soon after Trump posted his tweet.

The Washington Post tweeted early Friday morning after President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were diagnosed with coronavirus: “Opinion: Imagine what it will be like to never have to think about Trump again.”

The ill-timed tweet was sent at 1:33 a.m. EDT, 39 minutes after President Trump tweeted news of the diagnosis.

The Post‘s twitter feed made the offending tweet seem like a reaction to the news, though the two articles were unrelated. [Source: Breitbart]

The Washington Post took down the tweet roughly thirty minutes later, after it received thousands of interactions. But they weren’t the only ones that seemingly celebrated the news the president tested positive for COVID.

While many on social media sent well wishes to President Trump and first lady Melania Trump early Friday after the president confirmed they had both tested positive for the coronavirus, others took the time to criticize or make negative comments…

“Maybe you shouldn’t have mocked people for wearing masks,” screenwriter Randi Mayem Singer, who wrote “Mrs. Doubtfire,” commented on Twitter. “Maybe you shouldn’t have encouraged packed crowds. Maybe you shouldn’t have told the CDC what to report. Maybe you don’t deserve to be POTUS.”

She added, “If that vile, science-denying, mask-discouraging, crowd-encouraging SOB put Joe Biden or his family at risk I may lose my mind. You?”

Anti-Trump intelligence commentator Malcolm Nance seemed to already be preparing for Trump to leave office.

‘THINK ABOUT IT,” Nance wrote. “OMG. If both Trump & Pence go down. @TeamPelosi could be President!” [Source: Fox News]

Imagine the backlash if conservative figures said just a fraction of these things if Joe Biden had tested positive? But because the media has encouraged hatred toward the president over the last four years, we’re expected to just go along with this kind of evil. Democrats are all but gleeful over this news. They secretly (or not so secretly) hope this will work out for them, in the end. They no longer possess a shred of humanity—and openly flaunt the fact.

Democrats have been lying about the pandemic from the start. They ignored it when Trump formed his task force and closed the border to China. They pushed bad policies like lockdowns, crippling the economy (and continue to refuse to pass relief). And on top of that, they blame Trump for doing “nothing,” ignoring the fact that this was China’s fault all along.

Perhaps we should stop caring what these idiots say altogether?

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