New Poll Reveals Silent Majority Is About to Roar

For months, the media has ignored Joe Biden’s flailing campaign to push polls that declare he’s already won November. They’ve ignored the enthusiasm (or lack thereof) of the campaigns and the troubling performance of the former vice president. Now, a new poll reveals how Americans think their neighbors are going to vote. More bad news for Democrats.

Over the summer, a poll revealed that nearly 2/3rds of Americans are afraid to share their political views. That, perhaps, is more revealing than any election poll the mainstream media releases. Why? Because, if most Americans are afraid to say who they are voting for—guess who they’re voting for?

Democrats in the media have branded President Trump and his supporters as bigots, racists, and “literal” Nazis. They have encouraged violence against conservatives. Social media frequently silences or censors Trump supporters online. Yet, all the while, Americans have watched as Trump’s delivered results again and again.

Even as Democrats crammed their toxic views down our throats, more Americans joined team MAGA.

Which is why, many Americans, refuse to simply tell pollsters over the phone who they will vote for. That makes the already flawed polling system totally obsolete. But polls like the one that just came out sheds more light on the situation.

Because, while many Americans don’t want to say who they’ll vote for, they seem to already know who their neighbors are picking.

A plurality of registered voters believe their neighbors are voting for President Trump in the upcoming presidential election, a Harvard/Harris survey reveals.

The survey, taken September 22-24 among 1,314 registered voters, asked respondents who they believe their neighbors are voting for. A plurality, or 43 percent, said Trump, followed by the 36 percent who said Biden and 21 percent who remain unsure.

Trump’s seven-point advantage speaks to the lingering belief in the Silent Majority, which many vocal Trump supporters believe will show up in droves, come November 3. [Source: Breitbart]

This clever poll is able to gauge American’s sentiments—while giving them a chance to do so without outing themselves. Think about it: why would Americans know how their neighbors are going to vote? They might be able to guess, but they really don’t know for certain (not everybody puts a political banner on their lawn, after all).

In reality, those being polled might simply be sharing their own views (not counting those who were “unsure”), rather than their neighbors.

And once again we see Trump is beating Biden, hands down.

Also, those polled are going off of what they see in their communities. While many Americans don’t openly talk about politics, you can’t ignore the evidence that millions are flocking behind Trump. Meanwhile, Joe Biden can’t get a few folks to sit in a park for him.

Americans have watched Trump go to bat for them time and again. Even during the unprecedented year that has been 2020—Trump has worked and Biden has not. Biden has hidden in his basement, while attacking those who are actually battling the pandemic. Biden has a laundry list of scandals following him, including his get-rich-quick son, Hunter. And let’s not forget the fact that Biden can’t even finish sentences anymore.

If this poll tells us anything, it’s that Americans know where the wind is blowing. They might not admit who they’re voting for, but they sure as heck know who everyone else is.

That should have the Democrats real worried.

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