President Trump Makes Stunning SCOTUS Promise

The last time Trump nominated a Supreme Court justice, it was a nightmare. The Democrats slandered a good man’s reputation and put a permanent stain on their party. They did everything in their power to drag out the process, hoping it’d fail before the midterm elections. This time around, Trump is not allowing the left to play the same tricks. And he’s declaring how this process will turn out.

Democrats nearly lost their minds when Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. Not because they’ll miss this iconic woman, but because it gave Trump another seat to fill on the highest court in the land. Months before the election, Trump and Senate Republicans have ample time to fill that seat with a respected, conservative justice.

Trump pulled a masterstroke when he nominated a celebrated female judge named Amy Coney Barrett. The judge has served the country for years (and was already vetted and approved for another seat previously). Democrats can’t pull the same tricks as they did last time to Kavanaugh—who would believe unsubstantiated attacks against a wife and mother?

Some believe it will be an ugly process, anyway. But Trump himself is making an optimistic prediction.

President Trump declared on Twitter Tuesday evening that the Senate battle to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court “will be fast and easy.”

He made the statement in response to a tweet from Paul Sperry, who predicted the process would be “bloody.”

Earlier on Tuesday, President Trump said he asked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to focus on Barrett’s confirmation rather than stalled negotiations over the next federal coronavirus-relief bill…

Sen. Lindsey Graham, the Judiciary Committee chairman, has set Oct. 12 as the expected beginning date of the nomination process, and the timetable appears to remain the same even though two committee members, Sens. Mike Lee and Thom Tillis, came down with the illness. [Source: Fox News]

There are several reasons to believe this time will not be like the last. Firstly, Democrats are in a tough spot this year. In 2018, they were trying to generate a “blue wave” to take back important seats of power. They believed a strong opposition to Trump in the Kavanaugh hearings would help them do that.

They were wrong. There was no blue wave. Although they won a slim majority in the House, Democrats were butchered in key elections across the country. And of course, they did not win back seats in the Senate.

This time, they are dangling by a thread. Americans will not tolerate another horrendous spectacle like their attacks on Kavanaugh. Democrats’ candidate, Joe Biden, is a creepy, doddering old fool with dementia. On top of that, Americans hate Democrats for their extended lockdowns and support of riots. If they pull a hattrick of attacking a Catholic wife, mother of seven, and respected judge? It’d be a bloodbath on November 3.

Then, keep in mind, they can’t do to Barrett what they did to Kavanaugh because simply, the did it already. Will anyone believe Democrats if they cook up another “scandal” just to stop this process? How many Americans will be disgusted, even more so than they already are, if Democrats play the same pathetic game twice?

They are claiming COVID should stop the hearings. Sure, we’d believe them if they weren’t attacking and opposing these hearings from day one. If they can pass legislation (which they’ve been doing all year) with protections in place, they can easily confirm ACB.

President Trump’s prediction also confirms what Sen. Ted Cruz said. They have at least 51 votes to get Barrett onto the court. They might even end up with a few more. Any attempts by Democrats to undermine this process will only blow up in their faces.

Not that they’re smart enough to see that.

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