Biden Slips – Reveals Plot To Overthrow SCOTUS

Both Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris refused to admit if they support “packing” the Supreme Court. Many Democrats, and their far-left supporters, want to see the court crammed with radical activists. The campaign appears too afraid to admit their stance. Now, a new poll reveals why they are so scared to admit what they really want to do.

Packing the Supreme Court proves Democrats don’t believe in our law or government. They are so outraged that Trump might get three justices on the court, they will “pack” it with new members until they get the liberal majority they want.

It’s the government equivalent of bratty kids changing the rules again and again until they win.

As pathetic Democrats made this threat in recent days, it put pressure on the Biden campaign. Let’s be honest, if by some nightmare Democrats won the Senate, House, and White House—they would absolutely pack the court.

Joe Biden wouldn’t miss out on that opportunity. But he can’t just come out and say that, right? It would upset too many Americans to learn that Democrats are just power-hunger monsters that would shred the Constitution at a moment’s notice.

Neither Joe nor Kamala would fess up during the debates. Pence said that proved their answer was yes, because otherwise, they would have refused. But a new poll reveals why they are so scared to show their true intentions.

Just 1 in 3 U.S. voters support packing the Supreme Court with justices — a practice the Democratic presidential ticket has repeatedly refused to provide a public stance on…

According to The Washington Examiner, 34% of all U.S. voters support the idea of Democrats packing the nation’s highest court if Republicans were to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court…

Meanwhile, 47% of all U.S. voters are against it. [Source: Daily Wire]

It seems pretty clear that most Americans don’t want the government to “pack” the Supreme Court. Gee, I wonder why? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that most people don’t like the idea of Democrats change the rules to give themselves unlimited power. The court has had nine justices since the founding of the country. Why would we be willing to see that changed, just so Democrats have the upper hand?

Wanting to pack the court proves they don’t respect our democracy. Trump and Republicans are in the position to appoint ACB, because Americans elected them. Democrats, on the other hand, want to effectively nullify Trump’s decisions by adding as many justices as they can get until there is a liberal majority.

Not very democratic, huh?

But this shouldn’t surprise you. Everything Democrats do these days appears to show they don’t respect our government. They’ll make a deal with the devil himself, if it means Trump is gone and his influence over the country is erased.

They still haven’t accepted 2016. And if Trump wins 2020—they’ll refuse to accept that. Doesn’t matter if he gets the popular vote or so many electoral votes as to humiliate Biden. Trump is an “illegitimate” president because he’s not a Democrat, plain and simple.

This poll proves that Democrats are totally out-of-touch with Americans. Most don’t want them to add more justices—but they want to do it anyway. Isn’t that wildly violating the entire purpose of elections?

Yes, yes, it is. But Democrats think they know better than us. They are willing to force their left-wing, anti-God, socialist agenda onto the country, whether you want it or not.

Don’t agree? So, what, you don’t matter because you aren’t an Ivy League elitist from the East Coast.

Democrats have nothing in common with Americans, so they don’t deserve to lead us.

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