BLM Infiltrates Residential Neighborhoods — Is Yours Next?

While the vast majority of news coverage yesterday was focused on the first and only vice presidential debate, residents and business owners in the great American city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin were living through yet another nightmare instigated by Black Lives Matter protesters, looters and rioters.

According to Daily Mail, a group of BLM demonstrators quickly formed after news broke that Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah — who happens to be African American — would not be criminally charged in the shooting death of 17-year-old Alvin Cole, a young black man, earlier this year.

Cole was shot and killed by Mensah in early February after an encounter in which the teenager fired a handgun — which was stolen — outside of Mayfair Mall Wauwatosa. The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office’s decision to not charge the officer sparked another round of riots — but this time they spilled over into neighboring suburbs.

Julio Rosas, a reporter for Townhall, captured video of the violent demonstrators marching through Wauwatosa and smashing out the windows of storefronts. You can watch the violent group in the video clip that Rosas tweeted on Wednesday night.

Unlike previous demonstrations — or “peaceful protests” as the liberal media insists on calling them, the group of violent thugs marched into a neighboring Wauwatosa suburb and began hurling rocks and bricks through the windows of homes.

Rosas captured undeniable proof of their violent and absurd behavior in another video clip posted to Twitter on Wednesday night.

The violent and destructive demonstrations grew out of control so quickly that local police were forced to use tear gas to disperse the mob.

It was also reported that Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers authorized use of National Guard troops, indicating that “hundreds” of them were at the ready if the situation became uncontrollable by local law enforcement.

City Hall was ordered to be closed for a period of three days, since BLM rioters tend to gravitate toward a city’s city hall, usually attempting to destroy or burn it. A curfew was also issued, as is standard.

And straight from the standard playbook of BLM riots, demonstrators began to hurl rocks and other objects at the line of riot police who were there to quell the escalating situation.

Luckily, even as the violent demonstrators made their way into the suburbs, police were eventually able to deter them to stop. However, the mere fact that they were even allowed to march into residential areas should be a massive and shocking wake-up call to law-abiding citizens in any suburb of a major American city.

While it’s disgusting and despicable, looting and destroying businesses is one thing. Typically at the hour these establishments are assaulted, there usually aren’t employees or customers inside. But entering a neighborhood and blasting rocks and bricks through the windows of homes is an entirely different ballgame.

Rioters better fully understand that if in the future they attempt that type of violence in a neighborhood full of law-abiding, Second Amendment supporters, they might not like the outcome.

Author: Ryan Ledendecker

Source: The Federalist Papers: Violent BLM Rioters Cross The Line, Begin Smashing Windows Overnight In Residential Neighborhood

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