Employees Turn On Planned Parenthood – Reveal Disgusting Secret

No matter what happens, come hell or high water, Democrats will protect Planned Parenthood. They have fought tooth and nail to make sure this abortion-focused organization stays in business, even during the pandemic. They funnel hundreds of millions into this group every year, so they can continue to end human life. But now, a new report is revealing an inconvenient reality within this left-wing bastion.

What to know the real reason Democrats fight so hard to keep abortion legal in America? It’s because it means big dollars. Democrats (and some Republicans) make sure that Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of millions of dollars in funding every year. (Those are your tax dollars, by the way.) In turn, the abortion provider dumps tens of millions of dollars into politicians’ re-election campaigns.

It’s pretty much a money-laundering scheme with tax dollars, where children are killed in between.

Over the years, Democrats have moved from viewing abortion as a necessary evil to something they “shout” about in celebration. That’s because they need to keep the gravy train going. Even though abortion is a barbaric and outdated practice (and totally unneeded in the 21st Century), Democrats fight for it so they can keep winning elections.

What’s worse is how Planned Parenthood specifically targets minority communities with their ads and propaganda. That’s in keeping with their founder Margaret Sanger, who believed non-whites should not be allowed to have children (look it up, it’s true).

Now, according to a new report, the organization’s racism is alive and well—at least according to some employees.

A Planned Parenthood internal audit, obtained by Buzzfeed News, reveals the abortion conglomerate is plagued by accusations of internal racism, race-based discrimination, and acts of “anti-blackness.”

“Black employees at Planned Parenthood’s national wing feel that they have been held to a different standard than the organization’s white employees and that they are often expected to work more and given less leeway,” the outlet reported Saturday after obtaining a copy of what was supposed to be an internal-only memo on the subject of racism in Planned Parenthood’s ranks…

The interviews yielded stories of how black employees were “over-scrutinized,” forced to work “extraordinary hours,” and subjected to “childification,” which the study defines as the “persistent treatment of Black people as children or adolescents who are unable to accomplish work independently, and viewed uniformly, such that they cannot be differentiated from one another.” [Source: Daily Wire]

What!? Do you mean to tell me that an evil organization founded by a woman who wanted to exterminate minorities is being accused of racism!?

What kind of world are we living in!?

I wonder if Yelp is going to brand PP clinics “racist,” after news about this report spreads. Something tells me this will be one business they give a pass to.

Time and again we learn about stories like this. Stories were groups or people who claim to be so virtuous because of their left-wing views are exposed for shocking behavior. In fact, these groups—loved by Democrats—are often found to being things worse than what Democrats accuse conservatives of!

(See: Harvey Weinstein, #MeToo, and now Planned Parenthood.)

As shocking as this seems, we have to set the facts straight. This is what happens in any organization that prizes social justice ideology over facts and logic. If you embrace the toxic views on race being proclaimed by the left, you will begin to treat people differently, based on their race.

Should we be surprised that a radically left-wing group is subjecting their black employees to “childification”? If you keep saying people are different because of their skin color—and that black people are systemic victims of white privilege—then you’ll end up treating them like children.

The real question is, will anyone on the left bother to hold Planned Parenthood accountable?

Probably not. But I know a great way to make sure they can’t do this anymore: DEFUND THEM.

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