Pence Strikes Gold: Reveals Biden’s Role In Swine Flu Pandemic

The left-wing media wants to keep reminding you about the COVID-19 numbers. Ignoring who really is responsible (the commies in China), they want to put all the blame on President Trump. They pretend like Trump hasn’t been working around the clock since January to battle this disease. But Mike Pence wasn’t going to let them off the hook. He blasted Joe Biden and his tired attacks, reminding Americans what Joe did the last time a pandemic reached our shores.

The truth is, as bad as COVID has been, it isn’t even our worse pandemic. Sure, the fearmongering has been the worst—since it is an election year. But every ten years or so, a new virus emerges from China to rock the world. The last time, Obama was in office. You probably didn’t even know that there was a virus sweeping our country, because the media didn’t talk about it.

Because they gave Obama a pass, the president did very little to confront the disease. Not only did Obama and Biden deplete our stockpile of life-saving supplies, they never replenished it! The lax approach to the Swine Flu pandemic resulted in massive, out-of-control infections. And Mike Pence just let the country know how many people got sick thanks to Joe.

Vice President Mike Pence told Breitbart News over the weekend that, after Democrat presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden oversaw 60 million Americans getting infected with swine flu—H1N1—America cannot trust Biden to deal with the coronavirus pandemic…

Pence noted, as he did during his debate with Harris, that 60 million Americans were infected on Biden’s watch with the swine flu during the H1N1 pandemic. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates, 60.8 million Americans contracted swine flu infections in the first year of that outbreak…

Pence said that Obama and Biden did not ban travel from Mexico during that time and that Biden’s own former chief of staff, Ron Klain, has said the U.S. was lucky that the swine flu was not as deadly as other viruses like the coronavirus; otherwise it would have been a mass casualty event. [Source: Breitbart]

Pence quotes Biden’s former chief of staff Ron Klain who said, “We did everything possible wrong.” The only reason we did see mass casualties was because swine flu was not as deadly as COVID or other viruses. During that year, they stopped testing in the summer, so when fall rolled around the disease came roaring back.

Although the number of deaths was low, American fatalities were actually 70 of the global fatalities. That is a huge number that is totally unacceptable for this country. It was entirely the fault of the administration, who didn’t bother to do their job—because the media was protecting them.

That’s the same for Joe Biden today. The Democrat takes it for granted that his many, many mistakes are swept under the rug by the MSM. Just think about the things that have come out this year alone, things that would have immediately ended a Republican’s campaign. There were Tara Reade’s sexual credible assault allegations. New revelations of Hunter Biden’s bankrolling from China, Ukraine, and RUSSIA.

There are Biden’s endless gaffes and signs of mental decline. His constant lie that is easily debunkable. Oh, and the many times he’s insulted African Americans.

If the media bothered to properly report on all the horrible stories connected with this career politician, he would be able to show his face anywhere. Imagine if he was president during COVID? How many more people would have been infected and killed?

Yet the media would have pretended like nothing happened.

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