The White House Betrayal Trump Never Saw Coming

Stimulus negotiations remain at a standstill as lawmakers from both sides of the aisle push back on the most recent proposal from the White House.

The $1.8 trillion plan presented by the Trump administration last week has faced criticism from Senate Republicans for being too expensive, while Democrats claim it falls short on funding for testing, contact tracing and treatment of COVID-19.

North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer (R) said the two sides should be focused on passing more target relief for what they agree on at this point, including small business relief, airline relief and unemployment.

“One of the things that I’ve always found frustrating with Washington is when people oppose something for what’s not in it, that’s why I think we should find that common ground,” he explained. “…whether it’s an extension and expansion of PPP, some help for the airline industry, maybe even an extension of unemployment and insurance benefits at a more modest number than Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi is providing, but we shouldn’t let nothing be the conclusion because you didn’t get everything.”

The White House is now pushing for Congress to hold a separate vote on another round of the Paycheck Protection Program by using funds leftover from the last round.

Author: OAN Newsroom

Source: OANN: Stimulus Talks Remain Stalled As Latest White House Proposal Faces Pushback From Both Sides

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