Democrat Senators Try to Trip Barrett Up – But Quickly Regret It

All this week, Democrats are doing their best to discredit Trump’s latest Supreme Court nominee. They have embarrassed themselves, once again, by wasting time, cooking up rumors, and violating the law. Yet time and again, Amy Coney Barrett has proven herself to be a confident, accomplished judge who is much smarter than the left. When they tried to trip her up over Obamacare, she put them in their place.

One of the things Democrats are trying to do to discredit Barrett is to get her to share her opinion on past cases. We’re not talking about cases she actually ruled on as a judge—those are fair game. No, Democrats are trying to pull up controversial issues decided by the Supreme Court—which ACB did not rule on. That would force her to give her opinion on cases she did not preside over, which might taint any future rulings she would give.

It is a dirty trick and the Democrats know it. It is unreasonable to ask a judge to “rule” on issues outside a proper trial. Judges don’t just give their opinions. They listen to arguments, weigh the evidence, and rule based on the law. Democrats seem to want justices that will abuse the court system, using their power to push a progressive agenda.

They don’t seem to know what to do with a woman who actually respects the law and puts it above her own wishes.

They tried to get her to talk about Obamacare, an issue that is actually coming up in a Supreme Court case. It would be inappropriate for Barrett to talk about that now; if she is confirmed, she’d be ruling on that very case. Democrats actually had the gall to get her to recuse herself from that pivotal trial. She didn’t take the bait.

Democrats have called for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett to recuse herself from an upcoming case dealing with the Affordable Care Act — commonly known as ObamaCare — should she be confirmed, and while she did not commit to doing so, she did say that she will follow the Supreme Court’s rules if they call for her to do so…

“Well, senator, recusal itself is a legal issue,” Barrett said. “You know there’s a statute, 28 U.S.C. § 455, that governs when judges and justices have to recuse; there’s precedent under that rule. Justice Ginsburg, in explaining the way recusal works, said that it’s always up to the individual justice, but it always involves consultation with the colleagues — with the other eight justices. So that’s not a question that I could answer in the abstract.” [Source: Fox News]

Democrats don’t have the votes to stop ACB from becoming a Supreme Court justice. However, they can abuse their power now, during the hearings, to manipulate her future rulings. It is an ugly violation of the separation of powers—the whole point of our government.

It’s absolutely necessary for ACB to rule on that case. Right now, we only have 8 justices which could result in a split decision. Barrett might cast the tie-breaking vote, which could decide the fate of Obama’s signature—and terrible—program.

Democrats were hoping Barrett would, out of fear, agree to something ridiculous. She has no reason to recuse herself from any case, considering she’s not even on the bench yet. To ask her to do so is simply manipulation and a violation of our law.

If she is confirmed and the case comes up, then she can decide—with input from her fellow justices—how she should proceed.

Obviously, she shouldn’t recuse herself. We need fair mind justices who uphold the Constitution to weigh in on Obamacare. It was an un-Constitutional program from the start and its high-time it was repealed.

Barrett just might be the deciding factor.

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