Mailman Caught With An Entire ‘Voting Landfill’

Several bags of undelivered mail were found outside of a mail carrier’s home waiting to be picked up for trash collection, prompting an investigation and the postal worker being placed on unpaid leave.

“USPS OIG Special Agents recovered several different classes of mail, including business mail, flats, and small amount of first-class mail,” USPS Office of Inspector General Special Agent Scott Balfour said in a statement. “We expect to perform a piece count of the mail today and make arrangements to have to mail delivered to customers as soon as feasible.”

It is unclear if ballots were in the several bags of mail found outside of the unidentified postal worker’s home. The home is located in Baldwin, Pennsylvania, which is outside of Pittsburgh.

The situation comes as mail-in ballots are cast across the country, accompanied by instances of ballots being found in the trash.

In California last week, a Santa Monica man found dozens of mail-in ballots in two trash cans, as well as other mail, such as bank statements and bills.

In Los Angeles, another person found discarded ballots near an ATM.

“You know, is this intentional?” Kandace Rushiddin, the woman who found the discarded ballots, said. “Is this meant to suppress the vote? I don’t know.”

“You know, I know lies are being told,” she said. “People are talking about they found them in creeks, and that turned out to be a lie. So, I’m thinking, ‘OK, this isn’t happening,’ and then, what do I drive up on? You know, it’s just very disheartening.”

Additionally, errors on ballots have also caused issues, most notably in New York.

It was discovered in September that nearly 100,000 absentee ballots sent to voters in Brooklyn contained incorrect names and addresses on return envelopes.

“Wow! 100,000 Mail In Ballots in New York City a total MESS. Mayor and Governor have no idea what to do. Big Fraud, Unfixable! Cancel Ballots and go out and VOTE, just like in past decades, when there were no problems!” President Trump tweeted of the incident.

Trump has been critical of mail-in ballots, citing their vulnerability to fraud and for potentially slowing a final tally for the general election. Democrats, however, say the method is safe and will also prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“It is essential from a health reason because we want to keep people at home to vote without having them all collect on Election Day, but if they do want to vote in person, that we have sufficient spacing and all the rest so it’s not a risk to their health,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said this summer.

“People should not have to choose between their health and their vote, and that’s very important,” she said.

Author: Emma Colton

Source: Washington Examiner: Investigation launched after several bags of mail found outside carrier’s home waiting to be picked up for landfill

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