White House COVID Expert Censored By Big Tech

Social media has become increasingly controlling as many conservatives accuse them of censorship. Twitter has been called out again and again for attempts to silence, shadowban, or outright shut down users they accuse of “hate speech” or other vague crimes. Recently, they have been engaged in apparent attempts at election interference, trying to sway users’ opinions. Now, they appear to have gone too far in deleting a tweet from a White House health expert.

Democrats across all industries have accused Trump of election interference. Some have even claimed his warnings about mail-in voting amount to voter fraud. Their attacks have become more and more extreme, exposing their own fears and apparent attempts at interfering with the election. Nobody has done more harm to our democracy, though, than the leftists that run social media networks.

We’ve all seen over the last 4 years how social giants have played games with conservative users. They have reduced popular users’ reach. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube frequently lock conservative accounts, preventing followers from seeing posts, or flagging them for various—but never fully explained—violations.

But this election, Twitter has gone out of its way to suppress information. We’ve seen the leftist organization block, censor, or suppress information from the president himself. Recently, they openly blocked a story from the New York Post—claiming links to it went to a “spam” website. All because the story revealed Joe Biden lied about what he knew of his son’s work.

Now, the social network has gone as far as to delete a tweet from a White House health expert, because he defied the mask hysteria.

Twitter has deleted a tweet from White House public health expert Scott Atlas asserting that general mask-wearing does not slow or stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Atlas tweeted out an article from the American Institute for Economic Research on Saturday that argued that face masks should be restricted to narrow circumstances, such as “when visiting an at-risk elderly person or in a controlled health care setting such as a hospital or nursing home.” The article, written by Roger Koops, also questioned if widespread mask use may lead to increased spread of the virus, not less.

“Masks work? NO,” Atlas said in a now-deleted tweet sharing Koops’ article. Twitter confirmed to CNN that the platform removed Atlas’ tweet. [Source: Daily Wire]

Democrats are desperate to continue pushing fear and panic over COVID-19, despite evidence that shows all their “measures” are worthless. Mask-wearing is yet another attempt by leftist government leaders to impose an abusive rule that keeps Americans in a state of worry over the virus—instead of getting us past this pandemic. We all know people who feverishly quarantined and wore a mask everywhere—and still got the virus.

Yet Twitter does not want a leading health expert tweeting out real information that challenges the left’s bogus narrative.

Atlas tweeted evidence that shattered the calls to wear masks. Twitter didn’t want the information reaching the public. Social media has been aggressive at censoring “misinformation” about COVID-19—but that seems to mean blocking anyone who contradicts the fearmongering. When they need to delete a tweet from a health expert, it proves they are not in the business of spreading truth—but propaganda.

These kinds of things will only continue in the weeks leading up to the election. What will happen afterward? How will the leftist overlords of Twitter behave when Donald Trump is re-elected?

I can’t say for sure, but it won’t be pretty.

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