Republican Senator Lays Down The Law On Election Interference

For years, conservatives have accused social network giants of shadowbanning them and censoring their posts. But in the 2020 election, these liberal-leaning websites have taken greater steps to control what you see. In recent days, they have even shut down attempts to share a legitimate news story, because it made Joe Biden look bad. Now, a top Republican senator is calling it what it is: election interference.

The bombshell revelations that came out of the Hunter Biden emails should do more than affect the election. They should spark a flood of investigations and indictments. Few are doubting the accuracy of the emails. If verified, they prove Joe Biden was up to some very serious wrongdoing (not to mention the shocking and horrific things his son was doing).

Every American needs to know what’s on those hard drives. Yet the day the New York Post broke the story, Twitter, Facebook, and others deliberately blocked it.

If you clicked on links to the article from Twitter, you were greeted with a message claiming the New York Post—a legitimate news website—was a spam site that would infect your computer with viruses. A blatant lie if there ever was one. Some users couldn’t even post the link to their profile. Facebook was just as bad, desperately trying to scare people away from learning the truth.

This apparently was the last straw for many leaders. Now, Sen. Grassley is slamming these websites and calling them out.

Senator Chuck Grassley during a floor speech accused social media companies Facebook and Twitter of engaging in “election interference and anti-conservative bias.”

Grassley noted that Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Monday said that Hunter Biden’s computer is not a part of a Russian disinformation effort.

“You know what actually is fake news? The Steele Dossier,” Grassley said. “But I don’t recall reporters and big tech censoring the false reporting about President Trump and the Steele Dossier. Instead the liberal media did just the opposite. They became super spreaders of false reporting across the world.”

Continued Grassley: “Democrats and liberals in the press can’t have veto authority over information just because it makes their nominee look bad. They can’t have a double standard. Vice President Biden owes the American people answers.” [Source: Just the News]

For a long time, Americans have demanded accountability from social networks. Lawmakers have flirted with the idea of revoking their Section 230 immunity. Yet nothing has been done. But this episode might light a fire under enough lawmakers to actually do something.

These social giants deliberately blocked a real article, over fears it would hurt the Democratic candidate. That is more than just censorship, that is election inference. Democrats have cried for years about foreign nations trying to influence our elections. Aren’t they worried about major websites doing the same?

They don’t care right now, because it appears to be benefitting them. But what will they say, when these same social giants decide Democrats should be censored next time? Of course, that will happen, eventually. But liberals are too blind to realize that.

Chuck Grassley’s words should motivate all Americans to demand answers. Twitter, Facebook, and all the others have no right to decide what you can or cannot see. Their apparent fear and hate of free speech have gone too far.

Unless something is done by Congress, we need to rethink how we use and depend on these websites. Our very democracy depends on it.

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