Tech Executive Exposed In Outrageous Anti-Trump Rant

As we draw closer to Election Day, Democrats are becoming more and more desperate. Biden continues to hide from the public, as Trump packs out venues for his historic rallies. Liberals can’t offer anything as exciting and uniting as the Trump campaign, so they are resorting to petty insults. But one left-wing executive went too far when she blasted a Michigan mayor for hosting a Trump rally. What she said about Midwesterners will shock you.

I find it pretty hilarious how high-and-mighty liberals think they are. Many of them are rich, entitled elitists who attended expensive liberal arts colleges. Because of their upbringing and privilege, they seem to think they “know better” than us “regular folk.” They vote Democrat because that’s the “right” thing to do to help us poor souls who don’t know how to take care of ourselves.

These liberals look down on middle- and working-class Americans. They don’t think minorities are able to success—without their help. And they pride themselves on being so open-minded, that they embrace everyone despite their race, sexuality, or gender.

Unless, of course, you wear a MAGA hat.

Time and again we discover the most hateful, intolerant people in America are rich liberals. They seem to despise anyone that refuses to goosestep along to their political demands. If you have a thought that contradicts their (what can only be called religious) beliefs, they will show you just how ugly they really are.

That was the case with Pam Stevenson, a bio tech executive from Colorado. She heard about a big rally in Michigan—for Trump. And she unloaded on the mayor. Warning: what she said is truly disgusting.

An executive of a Colorado bio tech company used her corporate email account to blast “retarded” Midwesterners in a bitter message to the mayor of the city that recently hosted a Donald Trump campaign rally…

“I see your city hosted a Trump-COVID super spreader rally, brilliant since the pandemic is spiking in your state!!!” Pam Stevenson, director of business development for Pyxant Labs, wrote on Tuesday, regarding Trump’s appearance in Muskegon County.

“The rest of the country has finally given up on trying to educate you midwest morons and now we think it is the fastest way to thin the herd of ignorant trumpanzees, so keep it up,” she continued.

“The cherry on top was listening to those maskless douchebags chant to their fat orange God ‘lock her up,’ as a result of retardo trump suggesting your Governor needs to open things back up, which sparked a failed kidnapping plot by more midwest ignorant white supremacists,” she wrote…

“Are you midwesterners really this retarded,” Stevenson wondered.

“I suppose this is what happens when you have sex with your own family and drink too much moonshine,” she surmised. [Source: Breitbart]

Sound a bit too extreme? Well, you shouldn’t be too surprised. This is how most elitist liberals think of Trump supporters, working and middle-class folk, and Midwesterners (and Southerners). Stevenson only made the mistake of being open about her feelings. Most liberals try to hide their utter contempt for regular Americans (although spend some time on Twitter and this is what you’ll see).

Liberals hate it that Trump has millions of supporters (and growing). They hate to see regular Americans happy and prosperous. They were really hoping COVID would have destroyed us enough to oust Trump and hand the country to China. Instead, we are roaring back—and the left just can’t stand it.

Don’t be shocked by what Stevenson said, but do be upset. Liberals from across the country share this hatred. They think we are uneducated and don’t deserve a say in how our country is run.

The only solution is to let them know just how wrong they are—on November 3rd.

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