Debate Topics Revealed – And Americans Aren’t Happy

The final presidential debate is tonight. As usual, the event appears to be just a farce constructed by the left-wing media. Just like previous debates, the moderator has a history of anti-Trump, pro-Democrat bias. Now, we are learning the topics chosen for this debate do not reflect the issues facing Americans, but what the media elite are concerned with.

Let’s be honest, the people that run our media have no clue what’s going on in the rest of the country. These rich, entitled liberals spend their time in self-made echo chambers, assuming we are a reflection of their interests and agenda. They have spent years ignoring the problems facing real Americans, forcing their own ideas onto us through television, news, and entertainment.

That’s usually why they were shocked when Donald Trump won in 2016—and when there was no expected “blue wave” in 2018. The Democrats who run our media are totally out-of-touch with the rest of us and do nothing to change that. With each passing year, the gap becomes even wider.

That has never been more true than in 2020. At the start of the year, the media ignored the pandemic, only to hype it up to extreme levels. They demanded harsh lockdowns, unconcerned with how they devastated most of America. Then, as things began to reopen, the media ignored out-of-control riots, even calling them peaceful protests.

It’s clear the media has no clue what real Americans think. And that has been shown in the latest presidential debate. The topics chosen by left-wing moderator, Kristen Welker, are priorities the agenda-driven media cares about. Topics facing real Americans? Yeah, they’re nowhere to be found.

The topics selected ignore what surveys show is Americans’ top priority: the economy. The moderator, NBC’s Kristen Welker, also omitted another issue of acute public concern — crime, or law and order — and elevated the issue of climate change to a position of centrality that it does not occupy for the voting public…

On Friday, the commission announced the six topics for the second and final presidential debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden: “Fighting COVID-19,” “American Families,” “Race in America,” “Climate Change,” “National Security” and “Leadership.”

The most striking omission was the economy, given the abundance of polling data indicating the issue is at the forefront of voter concerns in the 2020 presidential race. [Source: Just the News]

That’s right. Welker put “climate change” on the list of issues for tonight’s debate, leaving out the economy and crime. Is she taking crazy pills? Never has climate change been less important to Americans. What is important, as you can expect, are concerns about the economy’s recovery in the face of the pandemic. And crime is a no brainer, considering millions of Americans are worried about the surge of crime in the face of Democrats’ “defund the police” movement.

But did Welker prove she has her finger on the pulse of the American public? Nope. She instead picked empty talking points that the left seems to care about. What the heck does “leadership” mean? That might be the vaguest topic for a debate ever. Debates are about real discussions on how these candidates will tackle problems with tangible solutions.

It seems liberals are less concerned with helping Americans than just talking about how great they are. Ironic, since real leadership is not in talk, but action.

Joe Biden can’t do either, these days. He struggles to finish sentences and in his 47 years in government has done little to help.

These topics are only further proof that the debate commission is a partisan group hellbent on helping the failing Democrats.

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