Post-Debate Numbers Have Democrats Sweating

The last presidential debate was a disaster for Sleepy Joe Biden. While Trump appeared poised and prepared, Biden continued to stumble and confuse America. Worse than that, he revealed he would end America’s oil industry—dooming the livelihood of many. Soon after the debate was over, liberal-leaning pollsters revealed their latest findings. Even with the known bias of major polls, they are giving shocking.

Yes, yes, I know. Mainstream media polls have never been reliable. That was the case in 2016 and 2018 and it is certainly true this year. We all know why. Most pollsters work for the liberal media. They oversample Democrats and under-sample Republicans. They also often select demographics they know will give them the results they want. Along with other tricks to sway results. Polls are less about gauging voters than manipulating voters.

(We also know that many Trump supporters don’t even answer polls, making the whole thing pointless.)

So, when these same pollsters reveal a major shift, something is happening.

Much like in 2016, while the polls claimed Biden will win, we see the same level of enthusiasm and support for Trump all over the country. In fact, Trump rallies, parades, and demonstrations are happening in places we never thought possible, like Beverly Hills and Miami. All evidence supports a growing tidal wave for Trump that will result in his definitive victory. Except in the polls.

But after Joe Biden’s massive blunder in the last debate, even these leftist polls can’t keep hiding the truth.

In Michigan, the Trafalgar Group, one of the most accurate swing state pollsters in 2016 and 2018, shows Trump leading former Vice President Joe Biden by two points, 49 to 47 percent, with third party libertarian nominee Jo Jorgensen at two percent. Earlier this month, this same pollster had Trump up by a single point, 47 to 46 percent.

Trump is also up two with Trafalgar in Florida, 49 to 47 percent, over Biden. Jorgensen is again at two percent. Earlier this month, in this same poll, Trump had a similar two point lead, 48 to 46 percent, over Biden.

In Arizona, Trump sits at 50 percent, compared to just 47 percent for Biden. Jorgensen is again at two percent. [Source: Breitbart]

Considering the inherent bias and skewing of these pollsters, the fact that Trump even has a “small” lead should not be ignored. These left-leaning polls want you to think the race is close. But if Trump has a lead, it suggests that many more voters in these states are going for him. The tiding is rising so high for Trump, that even with pollster’s shenanigans, they can’t hide the fact that he’s winning.

In fact, this might suggest that the Democrats they are mostly polling are turning to Trump. That’s most-likely that case, after Biden admitting he wanted to end oil drilling. Trump followed that up with a long video showing Biden frequently promising to end fossil fuels.

(Biden literally told him to do it during the debates, so he can’t blame anyone but himself.)

Other evidence suggests Biden will be underwater this election. In many states, Democrats had a lead in early vote (as they always do). That’s because Republicans show up in force on Election Day. But in many states, including Florida, the Democrat’s presence at early voting has dropped out tremendously over the last few weeks. In fact, Republicans are starting to outperform Democrats in early voting, something that’s never happened before.

Add to that the fact that many Democrats are on record for their support of Trump… Joe Biden might be utterly humiliated come November 3.

Not that I’m broken up about it.

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