Beto Tries to Attack Texas Rep – But Fails Miserably

After losing his Senate race and losing his presidential race, Robert Francis O’Rourke has tried to derail the campaign of Republican Dan Crenshaw. “Beto” has tried to undermine the Texas Republican’s re-election bid to Congress, by tweeting out “damning” messages to hurt his chances. But, as it turns out, Beto has only been successful… in helping Crenshaw. And the former Navy SEAL just had to thank him.

In certain parts of Texas, you might see the phantom, lingering image of BETO bumper stickers. A few sad Democrats are holding out hope for the fake Hispanic who calls himself Beto. Although, the stickers were from his failed 2018 Senate run. I’ve yet to see any stickers from his even worse presidential run (explains why he lost).

It’s no secret that few people in his home state want O’Rourke around. Yet, like most Democrats, he’s deluded himself into thinking he’s important. Once upon a time, Joe Biden mentioned he might make O’Rourke his “gun czar,” one of the best reasons to vote for Donald Trump. O’Rourke, convinced his opinion matters in parts of Texas he’s never lead, has tried to influence this election.

The man has targeted Republican congressman and former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw. Crenshaw won his seat in 2018, after unfunny SNL “comedian” mocked his eye patch. Crenshaw showed his class and leadership by not even being offended and even ending up on the show himself. He has quickly risen to stardom on the right, injecting the party with some much-needed energy and enthusiasm (Trump can’t do everything, after all).

Francis thought he could undermine the Houston Republican’s re-election chances by attacking him online. But, as it turns out, the only thing Beto is good for, is helping conservatives.

Last Wednesday, Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s opponent attacked him on Twitter, prompting failed Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke to jump in on her behalf, tweeting, “Dan Crenshaw is the gaslighting Texas Trump puppet, who is fighting to REDUCE access to healthcare in the midst of a pandemic, who undermines public health as thousands of Texans are dying, and who is complicit in every Trump crime against this country.”

Crenshaw responded by tweeting, “You’re my best fundraiser. Everytime we do this little dance I raise tens of thousands of dollars. Thanks Beto!”

O’Rourke has indulged his penchant for charged rhetoric a number of times. In July, speaking on MSNBC, he described the Texas GOP as a “death cult” that supposedly wanted African Americans and Latinos to die. [Source: Daily Wire]

If I had to choose between beta male O’Rourke and American hero Crenshaw, even if I was a Democrat, I’d go with Crenshaw hands down. What does O’Rourke think he’s doing, trying to wade into a fight that isn’t even his?

Texas Democrats are a sad and miserable breed. They use the same tired tactics as the rest of the party, i.e.: lying about their opponents. But when push comes to shove, they can’t back up their attacks with facts or evidence.

Crenshaw’s opponent was humiliated when she lied about his stance on pre-existing conditions. O’Rourke tried to swoop in and do damage control, but only helped Crenshaw. When Texans saw that “Beto” was getting involved, they rushed in to make sure he failed once again.

O’Rourke, like most Democrats, projects his own madness and hate onto Republicans. He once claimed Republicans were a “death cult” that wants black and Hispanic Americans to die. Really, Beta? You want to go there?

Republicans aren’t the ones supporting Planned Parenthood, which literally targets minorities to abort their children. Democrats receive millions in campaign support from this murderous institution. If anyone is part of a “death cult” it’s the man who eats dirt, O’Rourke.

But keep tweeting Francis. It seems to be helping Crenshaw win.

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