Biden Suffers Humiliating ‘Wife Confusion’

Former Vice President Joe Biden suffered a brain freeze during a television interview in Texas on Monday when he called Sen. Kamala Harris’s (D-CA) husband, Doug Emhoff, “Kamala’s wife.”

Democrats in Texas have been calling on Biden to take the state more seriously, and in an appearance with NBC 5 in Dallas-Fort Worth, Biden attempted to defend his attention to the state.

“We have 17 battleground states across the country,” Biden said, “we’re not losing focus on securing, uh, uh, the many pathways to 270 [electoral votes], but my wife, Jill, as you know, and Doug Emhoff, uh, Kamala’s wife, were there. Kamala will be back later this week.”

Biden did not correct himself. NBC 5 did not reference Biden’s blunder in its story.

On Sunday, the Democrat candidate appeared to refer to President Donald Trump as “George” Bush.

Sitting next to Jill Biden and speaking with comedian George Lopez and CNN analyst Ana Navarro, Biden said the election will determine “what kind of country we’re going to be.”

“Four more years of George, uh, George, uh, he, uh — gonna find ourselves in a position where, if, uh, Trump gets elected, uh, we’re gonna be, uh, we’re gonna be in a different world,” he said.

Bush was the last “George” to run for reelection for four years.

The Daily Mail reported Jill muttered “Trump” under her breath in an apparent attempt to get Joe to correct himself.

A Washington Post “fact check” claimed Biden did not refer to Bush, but instead host George Lopez. Lopez has never sought another four years in office.

Author: Kyle Olson

Source: Breitbart: Watch: Joe Biden Refers to Doug Emhoff as ‘Kamala’s Wife’

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