DHS Chief Owns Liberals With Border wall Success

Last week Department of Homeland Chad Wolf tried to update the country on the progress of Trump’s border wall. He was quickly and inexplicably shut down by Twitter. The media, as usual, ignored what he wanted to say. But now, he is mocking the sneering left by revealing that Trump’s Election Day promise has been achieved.

Democrats did everything in their power to stop the construction of the new border wall along the Mexico line. They mocked it, called it “racist,” and even sparked a migrant crisis to prevent it. Congress has refused to provide the funding Trump asked for. It seems Democrats like seeing women and children harassed and abused, as criminal enterprises exploit our Southern border.

But let’s be clear: Americans elected Trump specifically because he promised this border wall. Far too many Americans have suffered thanks to the unchecked problems at our border. Democrats have embraced illegal immigration, at the expense of their own citizens. Trump battled their obstruction. Even as the media turned its attention to other issues, the wall was going up.

And despite being locked by Twitter earlier in the week, DHS head just touted this achievement.

Chad Wolf, the acting chief of the Department of Homeland Security, celebrated the construction of 400 miles of border wall by taunting various Democrats, media pundits, and politicians who said it would not be done.

He tweeted October 29:

Mark Morgan, the acting commissioner of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, also joined the gloating…

But the wall is only part of the reason for the agency’s successes.

President Donald Trump’s various regulatory reforms have allowed officials to reduce the inflow of catch-and-release migrants from at least 400,000 in 2019 to down to just 16,000 in 2020. The reforms have also allowed the agency to block the long running pipeline that has delivered roughly 300,000 teenagers and kids for Central America to their illegal immigrant parents throughout the United States. [Source: Breitbart]

The reason Democrats as so opposed to the wall is because they want to exploit illegals for labor, while getting them to vote in elections. They seem to think they have a new, unending supply of voters from foreign lands. It has never occurred to them how utterly corrupt and evil this idea is—yet they accuse Trump of “racism” for wanting to protect the border.

Despite the left’s attempts at obstruction, we have a large portion of the wall finished. According to Wolf, the wall continues to grow. The only people who seem upset about this are liberal elites unaffected by illegal immigration—and the criminals who used to use the border.

Americans should be celebrating. This milestone means our country is that much safer. And it’s yet another victory by the Trump administration, which continues to make good on its promises.

What would happen if all this progress was abruptly stopped by a Joe Biden administration? We’re not sure, but it won’t be good.

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