Trump Supporters Break Curfew To Attend Rally

President Trump, much like in 2016, has been attending countless rallies in the days leading up to the election. As usual, thousands of Americans have packed venues to see him. Thanks to lingering COVID panic-rules, the usual venues are not available. But the creative Team Trump have found outdoor airfields to host their “peaceful protests.”

And it seems that allows for even bigger crowds.

Funny how so many people flock to see Trump, despite COVID fearmongering and despite polls that say Joe Biden is going to win. Sure, some of the polls have “tightened” up in the last few days. All that means is pollsters are hedging their bets so they won’t look so stupid on November 4 (too late for that).

As usual, reality is much different than what the MSM claims. Even in traditionally blue regions, thousands have come out to support the president. We’ve seen numerous parades and caravans for Trump… in Beverly Hills.

Miami, with its high Hispanic population, has seen numerous rallies and events for the president. On Sunday night, the president himself appeared to speak at an eager crowd. Even though they blew past the mayor’s bogus curfew, they keep the rally going.

President Donald Trump held a late-night rally in Florida on Sunday night, which appeared to last until about 1 a.m., despite a midnight curfew in place for the area.

Thousands of his supporters descended upon Miami-Opa locka Executive airport, located about 14 miles north of downtown Miami, in support of the president who ended a busy day of campaigning by making a final pitch to Florida voters…

In his speech, Trump criticized Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, lockdowns, and insisted the pandemic was “rounding” the turn…

Trump also suggested he may fire Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, sometime after the election after some of his supporters at the rally were heard chanting “Fire Fauci.” [Source: Fox News]

(As a side note, I’m all for President Trump firing news whore Anthony Fauci—a man simply profiting off of all our pain and suffering.)

The mayor of Miami tweeted that the event was supposed to end before the midnight curfew. But was he willing to arrest or fine (for $500) the thousands of Americans attending? Of course not. Because he did the smart thing and said, “the County will be flexible on letting people travel home safely.”

Even Democrats in Miami are seeing the sea change. They won’t get in the way of excited Trump supporters flocking to his banner. Because they risk losing the voters’ support if they do.

As the media continues to claim the race is close, we keep seeing signs that it’s anything but. Trump will not only win the states he won in 2016, but he is also gaining ground in places never expected. That just might prove Gingrich’s prediction true: that he’ll win by a larger margin this time around.

The folks in Miami seem to be a key part of that victory.

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