Violence And Riots Break Out Across The Nation

The election results dragged on over the course of the night—with many states refusing to finish tallying up votes until Wednesday. President Trump declared victory, as most states were breaking for him. But Joe Biden must have gone to sleep early and refused to concede.

Media outlets are doing their usual bang-up job of misreporting everything. Some have called states for Trump but refused to call others. It seems Democrats need a miracle in many key states to win—or just for thousands of ballots to come in after the election to tip the scales.

This election might be taken to the courts, as the corrupt D.C. establishment won’t go down without a fight. Millions of Americans have been cheated of learning the outcome of the election by officials who refuse to do their job. The media has been humiliated because of their terrible polls, but cannot admit it.

But it seems like the leftist protesters—the puppets of the Democratic elite—already know what’s going to happen. With major cities bordered up and cowering in fear, “peaceful” protests erupted in violence.

A fight broke out in Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House in Washington, D.C. late Tuesday night.

Video captured a fight breaking out when a man wearing all black began fighting with another white man. The video shows multiple people joining in and assaulting the man before he manages to escape.

One person struck the make with some type of bat, the video shows. [Source: Breitbart]

In other blue cities known for violence, protesters continued their streak of rioting and unrest. Seattle saw eight people were arrested, after demonstrators put nails on the road. In Raleigh, NC, members of one group were arrested for “unlawful activities” like assault police.

The unrest continued in Los Angeles and Portland. It’s possible this will continue throughout the week as the election results are clarified.

Funny how leftists are quick to riot even though the race is “too close to call.” They seem to be realizing what everyone else is: Donald Trump has won once again, but the crooked establishment refuses to accept it.

We remember Election Night in 2016. The results dragged on into the very late hours, because the media simply refused to acknowledge Trump’s victory. This time around, they are playing more games, refusing to admit Trump’s won states they were sure would go for a corrupt old man with dementia.

The unrest is simply proof that the media has gone too far. A lawful, peaceful election should not be cause for violence and destruction. But that’s what our wannabe overlords want. They want Americans fearful of voting for a candidate the left doesn’t want. They are using violence to intimidate, because they can’t win us over with good ideas.

But given the record turnout this year, it’s clear Americans are not scared off one bit.

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