Team Trump Storms Swing State – Prepares For Election Battle

It’s a pattern that started in the Midterm elections of 2018. Republicans were winning in several states. Suddenly, key left-leaning officials started delaying election results. Then days later, they came up with mysteriously found ballots that stole victories from candidates. This year, it appears officials in several states are playing the same game, but with the fate of our entire country hanging in the balance.

President Trump is on his way to win a clear victory in Pennsylvania. Yet election officials in Philadelphia and other counties stopped counting on Election Night. They appear to be continuing their shady actions even today. As “millions” of uncounted ballots just sit around, we are seeing Trump’s sizable lead shrink. How much do you want to bet they will be finished counting ballots, as soon as Biden has a lead?

The Trump campaign refused to watch these crooks steal the state—so they sent their legal team into action. Rudy Giuliani himself is in the state, with other members of the Trump team, and he is saying in no uncertain terms the fix in on.

President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani maintained during a press conference in Philadelphia on Wednesday that lawsuits were incoming against what they alleged were instances of voter fraud.

“We’re going to win Pennsylvania, but they’re trying to cheat us out of it because they know it’s their only path to victory,” said Eric Trump, later adding: “We are gonna file suit in Pennsylvania. It’s a shame that we have to do that; it’s the last thing that we wanted to do; it’s the last thing my father wanted to do—but this is rampant corruption, and it can’t happen. It simply can’t happen. It’s not fair. This isn’t democracy.”

Giuliani confirmed the campaign had filed a lawsuit. “The lawsuit actually required that when these mail-in ballots—that you know are highly suspicious anyway. This form of balloting has always been considered the most prone to fraud. That’s according to The New York Times, when it didn’t apply to candidate President Trump—well, we were supposed to be allowed by law to observe the counting of the ballots.” [Source: Daily Wire]

In various states, the GOP raised the alarm that they were not allowed to observe ballot counting. That’s the case in Philadelphia, where many fear attempts to steal the election are underway. Giuliani has called the counting in Philly “totally illegitimate.” He also said the same kind of activity has gone on in Wisconsin. Judging from reports, the same thing has happened in Michigan.

President Trump has promised to take this issue all the way to the Supreme Court. As it stands now, that might be the only solution. Few will doubt how Democrat election officials might try to skew the results in their favor. Even observing the counting might not be enough. We need the court to invalidate late or suspicious ballots and demand every state have their accurate totals in.

And we need substantial change to how elections are counted—probably required by the courts themselves.

Don’t be surprised if you learn about even more lawsuits popping up soon.

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