Trump Gets Historic Support From Minority Demographic

President Trump received more than 30% of the Jewish vote across the country on Election Day, a record-setting number for a Republican nominee going back three decades.

Exit polling of Jewish voters conducted by the Republican Jewish Coalition showed Trump with 30.5% with this bloc versus Democratic nominee Joe Biden, an improvement of 6.5 percentage points over his performance four years ago. That figure translated into even more support from Jews in Florida, a critical swing state where media-conducted exit polls showed Trump receiving more than 40% of the vote from this cohort.

The Republican Jewish Coalition invested more than $5 million to turn out the Jewish vote for Trump in Florida. The group said their effort worked because the president’s message was appealing, as was, especially, his record on issues relating to Israel. During his first term, Trump moved the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and negotiated peace agreements between Israel and three Arab nations.

“The Jewish community did respond to things that Donald Trump has done,” said Norm Coleman, national chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition and a former Minnesota senator.

In exit polling of Florida conducted by Fox News and the Associated Press, Trump won 43% of the Jewish vote. Post-election surveys from the New York Times pegged the president’s support among Jews in the state at 41%. The Republican Jewish Coalition said Trump’s performance with this voting bloc was critical to his 3 percentage-point victory in Florida, a state he absolutely needed to win to reach 270 Electoral College votes and to secure a second term.

Nationally, the 30.5% of the Jewish vote Trump received was the highest level of support a Republican nominee for president has received from Jews going back to at least 1992. That year, George H.W. Bush received 11% of the Jewish vote, followed by Bob Dole four years later with 16%, George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004 with 19% and 24%, respectively, John McCain in 2008 with 22%, and Mitt Romney in 2012 with 30%.

Matt Brooks, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, said Trump’s increased support from Jewish voters was even more remarkable considering the charges of anti-Semitism and racism thrown at him during his first term. The president, Brooks said, overcame “four years of the most unprecedented, intense, lying and character assassination that I have ever seen in my nearly 30 years of doing this.”

Jon Lerner, a Republican pollster who helped conduct the exit poll, said Trump led Biden among Jewish voters who prioritized the economy, leading 71% to 17%. The president’s lead over Biden with Jewish voters who cared most about foreign policy was even bigger — 87% to 6%.

“Trump policy on Israel was clearly a significant, substantial factor in Trump’s performance among Jewish voters,” Lerner said.

Author: David M. Drucker, Senior Political Correspondent

Source: Washington Examiner: Exit polls show Trump with historic support from Jewish voters

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